March 9

Plants For Business

Plants are said to enhance and improve one’s feng shui both at home and in your business. They are frequently used for feng shui remedies. Plants are said to add vitality (living chi), a healthy plant improves on’e health almost instantly. Our interior spaces often feature predominantly straight lines and patterns, and may have little or no natural light or exterior view. In addition to live plants, you can evoke the energy of nature by adding leafy patterns and branching lines to your interior space through your choice of fabrics and artwork.

Plants are said to represent the wood element .. so it is appropriate for the office’s wealth. Adding some jade plants also makes an excellent good luck add ons. But make sure your plants are alive.. and not dead like some I know.

March 5

Citrine Tree with 9 coins

The citrine is widely known as the merchant’s stone. Placing a cluster of crystal citrines near your cash register activates great wealth luck for the merchant. Similarly, displayed in the home, this citrine gemtree brings wealth luck to the household. The nine gold coins tied to its branches is further symbolic of never having to be short of money. A great and unique Mother’s Day Gift.

February 26

Welcome To My Feng Shui Crazy World!

Feng shui is an ancient approach to better our life and the environment we are in. Because our environment affects us in mystical ways, the way we feel and the way we act is affected in a great amount by the environment which surrounds us. Therefore in the bid to harmonized my environment and try to achieve the best in health, business, family relationship, I am learning how to properly organize everything around me.

It is better to be safe than sorry .. so the older folks said to me over and over again. I hope you can benefit from my experiences with Feng Shui.

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