March 5

How to Find Wealth With Feng Shui


Who doesn’t wants money right?  And there are ways to attract wealth in a good way with Feng Shui, so here is what I was taught too.  First of all, if you do not work hard or try to make your wealth, you won’t get it.  Just like the old saying goes, God only help those who helps themselves – if you want to strike the lottery, make sure you go buy a lottery ticket.  Same as making or finding wealth, you have to go out there and strive for it.

Now although feng shui is no magic or magic potion, you can definitely use various feng shui cures to find your wealth.  First create a strong front door. Why?  because you need to protect your wealth.  A strong front door is a pathway with no garbage bin or path blockage or anything that looks dead and not welcoming.  A strong front door opens to a good flow of chi coming indoors .  One can also enhance a good front door by choosing a right feng shui color for your front door.

Feng shui is about harmony and balance, so make sure you check and ensure the chi is flowing well.

October 15

Feng Shui For More Business

Folks from the neighboring stores asked me all the time how they can use Feng Shui to bring in more business.  It’s not a weird question at all, who doesn’t want their businesses to flourish right?  so here are some of my tips – first of all, you have to have a positive energy in your store.  What does it mean to have a positive energy I hear you asking?  Well, your store should be bright, welcoming, smells good and of course a smile on everyone in the store would be essential as well.   So there, start with that first and see what these positive energy can bring you.

September 11

Best Business Move For Good Business Feng Shui

 I was invited to a friend’s office opening, you see he started a security company in town and moved to another town for a new office.  The town wasn’t too far away from the old town that he was in but nevertheless it was a great decision because rent was low and the town was booming.  I noticed all the advanced technology he is using in his new office and was very impressed that he has the    ESET security license  for his servers in his office.  I figured since his clients/customers expects a certain level of security  information, it is only right to make this investment.  Once his clients knows about this secure server, they too will be impressed.  I’m sure he will do good with his new company.

July 1

Business Action

In our almost 14 years of business, we’ve tried a lot of things and one of the biggest mistakes that we’ve made thus far is to listen to what one customers want and try to please them.  You know you can’t please everyone and the best thing one can do when you are in business is to do it the way you think is right not the way the customers wants it.  What works for you best is what will work eventually in the long run.

For example, customer comes in and tells us they want a movie bad – so we run out and order the movie for like $35.  Customer never came back to rent it at all – and the only person who rented it rented it once.  So we lost like $33 on the movie – because no one rented it nor wants to buy it.  Lesson to be learned her is not to rush out and do what others are doing.

The town that I’m currently in is a town whereby people wants a piece of whatever candy or cake you are selling.  Many years ago, we were the only ones selling fireworks but the other video stores decided that they too can make some money doing that.  So in the end – even the dollar stores were selling fireworks and so were the bigger stores.  In the end – the cake is no longer sweet – we gave up in selling fireworks because no one wants to buy fireworks for $5 when they can get it for $1.  Moral of the story, you don’t have to do what others are doing.

June 4

Lights For Good Business Feng Shui

Christmas had been over for 6 months now but my white christmas lights  are still on display in the window display of our store and I also have some blinking colored christmas lights as well.  Many customers would teased and tell me that Christmas is over and that I should take it down.  Now what they don’t know is that I used these Christmas lights for Feng Shui reasons.  The blinking Christmas lights are to continue to attract the good chi into our store – thus giving us more business and more money.  So for those out there – who has a business – that they owned – you can try using blinking Christmas lights all year round – don’t worry about what people may think – as long as they are attractive and attracts your customers – why not?

January 9

Protect Your Wealth


People talk a lot about how they can get more more or make themselves more wealthy everytime they talked about Feng Shui but has anyone thought about protecting their wealth – what they already have?  Yes, people can be very weird  and most people I want to tell them to appreciate the things they already have and yes, what about protecting your wealth, your health and your well-being.  Common sense would dictate that everyone gets a rfid credit card  because of advance technology that allows criminals to steal your identity, your credit card numbers and anything else that they can grab their hands on.   So when people ask me how they can make more money or bring in more money, I tell them to protect what they already have – and then they can go on looking for more.  Don’t you think so?

June 5

Too Much Water Brings Tears

Many people associate water fountains and water falls with good luck – because water means money in Feng shui but wait a minute, before you get overly zealous in putting water everywhere – you should also know this – that too much water can bring tears.

What does it mean?  Simply too much water spells danger – you might get drown in the water – hypothetically  speaking. And remember this – very important – never, never, never have a pond or any water features on both side of the front door.

May 12

Successful Men With Feng Shui

I don’t know about other men but the successful men that I’ve met were all very well-dressed and they all had mens leather briefcases  with them wherever they went.   My grandmother used to say – people first looked at how you dress and present yourself first and then they see the person inside you later.  So if you want to make a good impression, you first have to dress well and then the rest will fall into its places.  I had been telling the spouse that for years now but he keeps saying that he doesn’t like dressing up – and the simpler he gets the better he feels about himself  – but I completely do not agree with him if it wasn’t because our business had to do with younger kids.  But I would still loved to see the man dress up decently because I think it does affect how older customers look at our store and business – they think we are not serious enough – which makes me sometimes think that the spouse really isn’t.   I bet that once he takes his dressing and appearance more seriously – business would certainly be better.

February 20

Bedroom Art – The Dos and Don’ts

Sometime last year I had bought this painting from Etsy – from a painter from United States – because my bedroom walls were bare and I couldn’t stand it any longer.  I wanted something arty fartsy – so I got this oil painting but I was worried that the oil painting of tree/trunks and some flowers may cause feng shui harm to us who ware sleeping in the bedroom.  So I continued checking for more information and finally found it.

Apparently, any kind of flower paintings are not advisable unless the person sleeping in it is sick.  Otherwise, it may cause some harm to the person sleeping in it.  Also not to put lonely pictures or pictures of someone fiece – so maybe that is why there were so many people looking for the priest last sunday.

February 3

Poverty Energy

So you go out in a group to eat – and everyone is having a big meal with lots of food on the table and you all drink and be merry.  Of course, you don’t want to waste any good food and I can understand it – but what about the last piece of chicken?  well, I was told that I should resist eating the last piece of meat on the table because it creates poverty energy unknowingly to a lot of people.  So resist that last mouthful, whether it is the last piece of cake or the last piece of fruit and don’t try to clean up leftovers please.  If you don’t want to be poor – don’t create negative energy of being poor around you.