April 12

Good Gifting For Easter

Gifting for this Easter had been really difficult as I wanted to get really good things for Easter for family and friends, thoughtful and usable gifts , not just any gifts.  I never want to buy just because of buying something for showing off.  But when a  ibanez destroyer  came to my attention , I had to get this for my teenage son . He had wanted it for a long time.  A wee bit more than I want to spend , but I rather get him something he wants , then something he would be disappointed with.

March 25

Music For Relaxing


This year didn’t start off right for me and while I’m upset with some things that really could have been avoid , I have been looking at getting some  chesbro music  for relaxing my mind and soul and to calm myself down.  Did you know that music not only can help with better Feng Shui , it helps with clearing one’s mind and one is able to achieve a better sense of their surroundings and focus on what they need to do.  So if you are feeling annoyed , disturbed or basically not calm, trying listening to some music , it most definitely will help.

January 21

Music To Welcome The Lunar New Year

Chinese New Year is round the corner and even though we are living in the western culture and mostly follow the western ways of celebration , Chinese New Year is still very much important to us Asians living abroad in the West.   So every year to welcome new year , we always have the lion dance troupe to come and dance for the business and our home.  And this year , it is no different , so while we were on vacation to New York, we visited the  guitar center new york  to get some instruments to welcome the lunar new year with some drums and music played by the kids when the lion dance is done with their ceremonial dance and everyone is enjoying a piece of cake and coffee.  I loved that the kids are taking an initiative this year with making merry and welcoming the lunar new year.

December 9

Making Merry


Christmas is just round the corner and everyone is planning for Christmas parties and year end party and we are no different as well.  And I’ve always like the idea of livening the house because it’s always good Feng shui for the home and the people living at our house.  So party it is for us at home to make merry and make everyone happy but a  numark kmx02  is a must according to the entertainment director of the party.   And as long as it is not too expensive, we can buy one for long term investment.

October 31

Special Gifts For Christmas


Christmas is round the corner and everyone is asking what is the best present for your loved ones, extended families and friends.  It’s about a month and a half away and like everyone else with the best intentions, this year GlassWithATwist.com presents custom beer mugs  that I really liked for all of them.  Not only do my family and friends drink lots of beer during the festive season, I feel that a custom made beer cup would be everyone’s favorite.

Why?  who doesn’t like their name on something , so that they can feel a sense of pride and boast about it to friends and family right on family gatherings or when friends drop in for a visit.  Like I mentioned earlier, you can personalized it and as for me I will print out a short joke, a inspiration quote  or memory for the person receiving it. It would feel and look like a nice touch and anyone can do it for that special friend , or family member , plus I like my present to stand out and thoughtful.

So if you are asking me about any feng shui gifts , I say give with your heart , give with thoughtfulness and everything will be great and friends and family would love it.

September 19

Music For Business Front


Many years ago, when the spouse first started the business, we had speakers put outside the store , so that we can attract the customers to come into the store and of course for Feng Shui reasons as well.  We also had a flag flying around, so that there is movement outside our store.  If we had more money at that time, we would had gotten those  Musicians Friend PA Speaker systems  for that reason alone.  But since last year, the town has music playing on the Main Street to liven up downtown.  While some shop owners don’t like it, I thought it was a fabulous idea because I didn’t have to put a speaker outside our store now.

August 1

Decorating Your Home The Feng Shui Way

 Friends asked me all the time about how one can decorate their home/houses the feng shui way to enhance their life.  But how do I even begin to tell them about my way of decorating to make the chi flow better at my home?  Do one start with good furniture ?  or is the color important ?  so many questions but so little time to go through each and everyone of their question.  So I normally, tell them that a good  home decor center  where one can get everything under one roof is a good help when one is trying to decorate or re-decorate to enhance one’s way of living.


Does it matter what kind of furniture , does it have to be all wood or all rattan ?  Actually, decorating one’s home is to one’s preference, whatever makes you the owner and the people living inside the house happy is good by me but of course, some reservations on color and design needs to be considered carefully.  As for bedding, I think anything that is not too dark would also help to brighten up one’s home thus making everyone happier.

 What about the exterior ?  outdoor furniture ? does it matter ?  I get asked this often enough.  As far as Feng Shui is concern, not too much clutter and some bright and soothing color as well as good coordination would be good for the feng shui of one’s home/house.  One has to be in a good furniture shop, where you can get everything under one roof , with no stress and then you can easily co-ordinate all your furniture buying as well as plenty to choose from, to make your home a good feng shui home.

July 8

Easy Living


Visiting my girlfriend’s apartment and seeing how she maximized her small space makes me so proud of her.  Even her kitchen has a hanging door gear  for her sliding glass door to prevent the smoke from coming into the living room while she is cooking.  I loved the idea totally but I would have used thicker glass door if I were her, that way, the kitchen can be noisy and it won’t affect those already in the dining room as well as the tv room.   But overall, her apartment is not only well decorated but also well used of space.

May 18

Meditating With Music


Part of what I’ve learned about Feng Shui is getting in synced with your surroundings and in tune with yourself.  Meditation has become a very big part of mine because of practicing feng shui and I’ve learned how I can incorporate music into my meditation to make me less stress.

Picking up a musical instrument was the other thing I did , from learning  how to string a guitar  to playing a tune or two to relieve my stress at the end of the day has been quite essential in my life.  Everytime, I play the guitar, I feel like I am strumming my stress and other problems away and I feel a lot more relax after doing it for an hour or two.

If you are anything like myself, and work with a high stress environment, meditating with music is the first I would recommend and the other is picking up a music instrument to learn.