October 1

Negative News And People

Negative people or negative thoughts  or those who are constantly negative, you should stay far away from them.  Why?  Because they carry around them bad qi and bad luck is contagious , so I heard.  So if you meet someone like that , make sure you have very little contact with them.

July 25

Can One Change A Cheating Husband With Feng Shui?


 A girlfriend of mine who just got back with her cheating husband after being separated for 3.5 yrs , asked me if there is anything in Feng Shui to help.  We all know that it’s hard to get back with a cheating spouse, of course, forgiveness is important and all but it’s going to be an uphill task and more than a usual relationship. Anyhow, you asked and I’m here to answer you folks out there who is going thru’ the same issues as my girlfriend.

Firstly, if you have any water features in the house especially in the front of the house like a door, you should remove it immediately.   While it is commonly known that placing a water fountain in the house is a way of feng shui to bring in money to your home/house, you have to be careful.  If the water is flowing away from your home/house, it may encourage you or your spouse to look for love elsewhere and not home.

Some people say that if the fountain is placed on the outside facing the door, it is the woman who will stray and if the fountain is placed on the left side of the door, then it is the man who might stray.  But whichever or whatever position, I say it is no way good to have it , so why tempt fate right?  Just do away with it completely as far as I can advice.

You know when you were younger, old folks used to tell us that we should take photos in 3s ?  yes, there must be a really good reason for it but some people don’t think that it is true  but do believe it because when you keep having things in 3 s , it will mean that someone will come in between both of you.  What you place in your home, is actually a reflection of what may happen or a yearning?   I don’t really know how to explain it, but just make sure that your home does not have decorative that comes in 3.  Avoid taking pictures in 3 too if possible , well , unless it is with your spouse and your child/children.

 Place things in pairs like 2 pillows , 2 candles and anything in pair and try not to mismatch instead make things blend into everything else at home.  Balance is the key word here.



July 12

Using Feng Shui To Light Up Your Life


A wise man said :  and I quote,

“You can curse the darkness. Of you can light a candle.

Your destiny chart doesn’t label any particular period as a bad “break” or “unlucky days.” The chart also does not say you need to move with the tides and conform to circumstances dictated by somebody else.

The reason you read your BaZi chart is to find solutions and possibilities. With the right information, we are then free to become the creators of our experience.”

April 10

Keeping Your Energy Positive


I practiced feng shui because I want to make my world and those of my loved ones a better one.  In so, I also extended my thinking to people around me, hoping that they will have a better life as well.  But of course, it doesn’t work for everyone and no matter how much you want good things for your friends or relatives, sometimes, it just doesn’t work for them.   But one has to keep the positive energy going with oneself, then others can see that you have this positive energy and they will then follow suit?

March 12

Feng Shui For Spring


Like many people out there, I’m sure you can’t wait for spring to come, why wait , you can get started by infusing your home with color, light and freshness around you.

I’m going to start by buying some very bright color of potted flowers and plants and decorating my home.  Clean out the old stuff and give everything a little cleaning up, bring in some clean air into the home.  De-clutter is also a good way to go to welcome spring.  Sweep up the stale chi and bring in the good ones.

March 5

How to Find Wealth With Feng Shui


Who doesn’t wants money right?  And there are ways to attract wealth in a good way with Feng Shui, so here is what I was taught too.  First of all, if you do not work hard or try to make your wealth, you won’t get it.  Just like the old saying goes, God only help those who helps themselves – if you want to strike the lottery, make sure you go buy a lottery ticket.  Same as making or finding wealth, you have to go out there and strive for it.

Now although feng shui is no magic or magic potion, you can definitely use various feng shui cures to find your wealth.  First create a strong front door. Why?  because you need to protect your wealth.  A strong front door is a pathway with no garbage bin or path blockage or anything that looks dead and not welcoming.  A strong front door opens to a good flow of chi coming indoors .  One can also enhance a good front door by choosing a right feng shui color for your front door.

Feng shui is about harmony and balance, so make sure you check and ensure the chi is flowing well.

February 13

Happy Home Tips With Feng Shui

catsA harmonious home is a happy home according to my late grandparents.  So to create a happy home it’s pretty obvious don’t you think?  well, maybe not to some people , so here I will explain some simple ways and steps to make your home and you a happy one.

To have a harmonious home is to be supportive and to love the people in your family.  Of course, it’s great when you are healthy as well but how do one love and support your family members?  by creating a happy environment and happy images and things surrounding you.  Some happy images around the home is a good way to start and again, keeping your home decluttered is another.  Opt for a healthy home, eat healthy , live healthy and remember do away with harsh chemicals in the home.

February 8

Doors That Opens Outwards


Someone just asked me if having your Front door opening outwards is bad for feng shui?  Good question !  I’ve asked about this many times because our store’s front door needed to be opened outwards for safety reasons.

Well, I asked someone who is much more better than I in feng shui and he told me that it is not really that idea if your home or business’s front door opens outwards but that doesn’t mean that your whole feng shui is bad.  You can still have great feng shui for your home and business by following some simple steps.

 Firstly, make sure that the path leading to your doors are not cluttered.  Make sure that the good chi can come into your doors.

Secondly, make sure that you create a strong front door, no garbage cans or dead plants, good lighting , good door.

And lastly, create strong feng shui energy towards your home or business.

There you have it – good luck !