July 25

Can One Change A Cheating Husband With Feng Shui?


 A girlfriend of mine who just got back with her cheating husband after being separated for 3.5 yrs , asked me if there is anything in Feng Shui to help.  We all know that it’s hard to get back with a cheating spouse, of course, forgiveness is important and all but it’s going to be an uphill task and more than a usual relationship. Anyhow, you asked and I’m here to answer you folks out there who is going thru’ the same issues as my girlfriend.

Firstly, if you have any water features in the house especially in the front of the house like a door, you should remove it immediately.   While it is commonly known that placing a water fountain in the house is a way of feng shui to bring in money to your home/house, you have to be careful.  If the water is flowing away from your home/house, it may encourage you or your spouse to look for love elsewhere and not home.

Some people say that if the fountain is placed on the outside facing the door, it is the woman who will stray and if the fountain is placed on the left side of the door, then it is the man who might stray.  But whichever or whatever position, I say it is no way good to have it , so why tempt fate right?  Just do away with it completely as far as I can advice.

You know when you were younger, old folks used to tell us that we should take photos in 3s ?  yes, there must be a really good reason for it but some people don’t think that it is true  but do believe it because when you keep having things in 3 s , it will mean that someone will come in between both of you.  What you place in your home, is actually a reflection of what may happen or a yearning?   I don’t really know how to explain it, but just make sure that your home does not have decorative that comes in 3.  Avoid taking pictures in 3 too if possible , well , unless it is with your spouse and your child/children.

 Place things in pairs like 2 pillows , 2 candles and anything in pair and try not to mismatch instead make things blend into everything else at home.  Balance is the key word here.



June 20

Good Feng Shui Relationship

One often wonder what a good relationship is.  A girlfriend of mine who never fought with her spouse for the last 10 years of their marriage, found her spouse cheating on her and she never even knew it was coming.  She said that she was always in control of the relationship and the spouse always agree with her on everything and anything to make her happy.  So how did the relationship go so bad and so quickly that it was a no return situation?

Well, this is what I’ve learned about relationships throughout the years I’ve been with my spouse and that is arguing with the spouse isn’t a bad thing at all.   Why?  I hear you asking.  Doesn’t arguing and fighting all the time causes bad feng shui and discord in the family?  Yes and no – because if arguing and fighting makes you understand each other better, it would definitely make the relationship a better one?  no?  Resolving problems and stop acting childish is the way to go.  But definitely don’t fight and argue if there is no reason to.

June 1

Feng Shui & Love Potions

It is very funny when I read this on Joey Yap’s FB page and yes, many people think that Feng Shui is some sort of magic but it isn’t.  It’s no magic nor is it any bomoh or some witch craft at work.  No matter how much you offer a feng shui master, he or she cannot make the other person fall in love with you.  But it can most certainly help you become a person to be loved and the rest is up to the other person. Sometimes, nature needs to take it course eh.

April 25

Your Future With Feng Shui

A girlfriend had been struggling with her marriage for more than a year.  It’s a let go or not to let go kinda situation, in the meantime, she is miserable as hell.  She don’t know what to expect tomorrow, next week or next month.  In my humble opinion, I feel that if things are not working out no matter what you’ve tried then it is time to let go and move on.

Unfortunately, because they’ve been together for so long, she feels that she would have wasted her time, if she had to start all over again.  So she wants to know if she can use feng shui to help her decide.  In which I told her – that her future is in her own hands – and no amount of feng shui can help her make the right decision – it has to be a conscious decision and then she can work towards her future.  What say you?

November 18

Feng Shui Forward

Many times in our life, we faced disappointment, it can be because of work or like a close friend who lost her spouse.  May not be what she had expected for her future but if she kept looking at her past and wallow at it, she isn’t going to move ahead and no matter what kind of feng shui she tries, it will not help her.  The best advice one can give to someone in this state of mind is to move forward and to let go of her past.  Harder to be done than say – that’s of course but if  you put your mind to it – nothing is impossible – one will see how much strength one has if they are determined enough to start a new life.

October 11

For Couples Going Thru’ Rough Patches

Most couples go thru’ rough patches every now and then – and if you are – I’ve heard that by displaying this sedan chair with double happiness on it can help to smooth things out.  Place this enhancer in the southwest part of your bedroom and see if it works for you.

Having said that this is also a perfect gift for a newly wed because the wedding sedan chair is said to bring happiness and togetherness to a newly wed couple.  The double happiness is to keep the couple true to each other.

October 9

Soulful Jewelry For Feng Shui

Every woman loves jewelry but some woman loves the big kind of jewelry or the loud type but I loved the soulful jewelry like the ones from  barbara conner  .  Why?  I find that garish jewelry do not work well with most people because it’s too much to show off if you know what I mean.  As for soulful jewelry like the ones by Barbara Conner, you can wear it for just about any occasion from work to an evening of cocktail.  And since they are reasonably priced I think I can afford to buy a few to mix and match with the occasion.  So remember, what you wear is important too, i recommend soulful jewelry for most people because they are less offensive and everyone can carry it so well.

August 20

Having A Water Dragon In Your Garden

I’m quite skeptical when people tell me that they want to have a water fountain in their garden.  I can understand why they want this Water Dragon in their garden because by designing a water dragon in one’s garden – I’ve heard that you can enjoy not only wealth but fame but wait a minute – before you go doing stuff to your garden – you really have to get a really good feng shui master to help you, if not then you will not be getting the right goodness that you want.

A good Water Dragon in your garden can bring you lots of good fortune but if you make a slight mistake, you may regret it forever.  I’ve heard of millionaires putting in Water Dragon and even though they don’t seems to be in great harm after doing it – they don’t seems to advance in their business due to a slight direction of the Water Dragon.  So be warned  – get a really good feng shui master to help if you are truly looking into it.


August 9

Shopping For Feng Shui Jewelry

Whenever I want to go shopping whether online or offline, I tell the spouse that it’s called feng shui shopping because he knows that feng shui is important to me.  But truth be told, the best time to shop for something is when there is a sale on – or you find the  jewelry deal of the day  special offer.  I buy my feng shui jewelry when there is a deal of the day because it’s called smart shopping. Even though I loved buying jewelry that can enhance my well being with feng shui – I choose to buy or shop only when the deal is so good that I can’t resist.  Diamonds are my feng shui jewelry that was what I had been told because of my birth date and time, so whenever there are diamond sales on – you can see me eying for them till I get them.  I am awfully blessed because the spouse never stops me from buying anything.

March 30

Feng Shui Wedding Date

Choosing a feng shui date for your wedding is a very important thing for us Asian – I think it’s our culture – that even for those who don’t practice feng shui – they also try to get a good feng shui wedding date.  There is this forecast book that we called the Tong Shui – for one to choose the feng shui wedding date for you.  So if you are having a wedding – check out this book first and then with the bride and groom’s wedding clothes and the plus size bridesmaid dresses and costume jewelry – you will be all set for the wedding.  Well, of course, you need the venue and all – but first thing first – the feng shui wedding date – and then the rest will come together – that was what my mom said when I was getting married.