October 22

Feng Shui Jewelry For Students

A girlfriend of mine had called to ask if there were any feng shui jewelry that a student can and cannot wear.  Or if there were jewelry for a student to wear to help with their studies?  Well, I know of some folks who wear their  high school class rings  all the time and some of these class rings are said to bring a sense of accomplishment to the students.

While others loved to wear something like the feng shui coin bracelet to bring in money and good luck to them.  I know that there is nothing wrong wearing or buying a class ring.  Like I said before, feng shui is no magic and if your child feels like a high school class ring can bring some sort of inner strength and belonging, sure go ahead and buy it.

September 5

If You Are Rich Feng Shui …..

I read with interest today from Joey Yap’s facebook – he mentioned that this was a beautiful design but for feng shui wise it is bad.  But if you are rich – it’s ok to keep this as a vacation home.  ??????  OKkkkkkk…! really?  so if you are rich bad feng shui wouldn’t affect you?  ok this is quite troubling for me – so for the filthy rich – even bad feng shui don’t matter?  or matters little?  or affects only little?  I’ve gotta hear what he has gotta say eh.

March 23

Feng Shui Course

The best friend who just finished her course in the YiJing Mastery in Singapore talked about how good the class was and how she had lots of fun learning from the teacher about it.  They received each a lapel pin for completing the class and she is looking forward to practicing it and hopefully to help others with what she has learned.  I was intrigued with what she spoke about from her course and looked up at it to see if I too would be interested in it to enhanced some of my knowledge about feng shui as well.

The YiJing class that she attended was more about concept of the Yi and the traditional Yi Jing and different approaches and scientific reasoning and a breakdown of 64 Hexagrams. And since I’m interested in the Ba Gua and its arrangement – I’m also pretty intrigue with the course and cool to be able to get a pin for it.

February 20

Bedroom Art – The Dos and Don’ts

Sometime last year I had bought this painting from Etsy – from a painter from United States – because my bedroom walls were bare and I couldn’t stand it any longer.  I wanted something arty fartsy – so I got this oil painting but I was worried that the oil painting of tree/trunks and some flowers may cause feng shui harm to us who ware sleeping in the bedroom.  So I continued checking for more information and finally found it.

Apparently, any kind of flower paintings are not advisable unless the person sleeping in it is sick.  Otherwise, it may cause some harm to the person sleeping in it.  Also not to put lonely pictures or pictures of someone fiece – so maybe that is why there were so many people looking for the priest last sunday.

October 19

Basement For A Study Room

My neighbor was just telling me – that after a visit to her son’s college – she was a bit worried that the study room for her son’s class was in the basement of a building.  She asked me if it was even conducive for them to study in the basement whereby there is no sunlight nor fresh air in it.  She worries that it might affect his studies because of the environment he was in.   She also worries that with so many students placed in such closed proximity – he might not be able to concentrate.

Well, that’s easy – I told her – because she could get him some bluetooth stereo headphones and he can use it – to listen to the music he likes and that should help him to block out the noises he doesn’t want.  Plus these days – kids don’t mind the noise around them like we used to – they are of a different generation.  And many studies in college are placed in the basement because classes are bigger now and finding a place to place all students can be a bit challenging and even though they are in the basement – it doesn’t mean that the feng shui is bad.  A neat study like the one above is as conducive as one can get in a college around here – so there isn’t very much to worry about – plus if they are placed in the basement – I’m sure air – exchangers are being used and air cleaners are in place as well as filters – as for sunlight – bright lights above the computer like the ones in the pictures acts as sunlight and are just as good

June 2

Face Reading Workshop

So I’m attending a face reading workshop organized by the small business association from the city and I was invited to join and put the event together.  I’m very excited because this will be the first time I’m meeting this feng shui practitioner and he is quite a reputable one in the West.  I’ve all the office supplies prepared for his temporary office for the week – he arrived a few days earlier and we have had a few meetings and lunches with him already.  I’m so looking forward to the workshop and can’t wait to tell you all about it later.  Every participant gets a personal notepad, pencil and folder with all the material from the workshop – and I’m pretty sure they will be impressed with the stationary.

May 17

Preparing For Mid-Year Exams With Feng Shui

While friends’ children are preparing for the mid year exams – another buddy of mine who is taking an online business degree is also preparing to take his too – so they had called last week to ask about feng shui and preparing for exams and what they can do to make studying more successful.

While some people go to the library for the preparation – i prefer to study at home – therefore, the study room is very important and needs to have a lot of positive energy. If you child is studying for an exam – make sure that the study room is clutter free and clean.  According to feng shui – a messy room produces a lot of “sha” energy.  Also to please note that one’s study chair needs to be in a place where there are no shelves around.  Make sure the chair is comfy and has a high back.   You can also place a picture of water behind the study chair – this helps with creative energy.  And you don’t have to wait till you are having an exams before doing all the above – for people who are doing online studies – you definitely need to be able to concentrate and have a little bit of discipline too.

May 10

Never Ending Abundance In Feng Shui

I went for a housewarming last weekend and at the entrance of the home – there were several  samsung lcd screens with a projection of waterfall on the screen and I was pleasantly impressed at how the home practices feng shui to its max even though they cannot have a waterfall indoor – they used the LCD screens to project the never ending abundance of wealth into the home.  As we all know – in feng shui – water means money and images of waterfall like the above – connects not only with power, well but a universal flow of abundance.   I could definitely use this in my own home too.

April 23

Avoid Tai Sui Seat For Studies

Everyone wants their kids to do well in school and to be able to concentrate on revision work at home or even during tuition.  So what can one not do when you are trying to do that instead of screaming and caning your kids?  One thing that parents need to know is that sometimes the seat where the kid is sitting on may not be a suitable place  – like facing the Tai Sui or with their back towards the 3 killing.  It is said that if they are – then they won’t be able to concentrate on their studies.   So if you feel that your kid isn’t productive during their studies – you should try a different seat.