December 9

Making Merry


Christmas is just round the corner and everyone is planning for Christmas parties and year end party and we are no different as well.  And I’ve always like the idea of livening the house because it’s always good Feng shui for the home and the people living at our house.  So party it is for us at home to make merry and make everyone happy but a  numark kmx02  is a must according to the entertainment director of the party.   And as long as it is not too expensive, we can buy one for long term investment.

August 1

Decorating Your Home The Feng Shui Way

 Friends asked me all the time about how one can decorate their home/houses the feng shui way to enhance their life.  But how do I even begin to tell them about my way of decorating to make the chi flow better at my home?  Do one start with good furniture ?  or is the color important ?  so many questions but so little time to go through each and everyone of their question.  So I normally, tell them that a good  home decor center  where one can get everything under one roof is a good help when one is trying to decorate or re-decorate to enhance one’s way of living.


Does it matter what kind of furniture , does it have to be all wood or all rattan ?  Actually, decorating one’s home is to one’s preference, whatever makes you the owner and the people living inside the house happy is good by me but of course, some reservations on color and design needs to be considered carefully.  As for bedding, I think anything that is not too dark would also help to brighten up one’s home thus making everyone happier.

 What about the exterior ?  outdoor furniture ? does it matter ?  I get asked this often enough.  As far as Feng Shui is concern, not too much clutter and some bright and soothing color as well as good coordination would be good for the feng shui of one’s home/house.  One has to be in a good furniture shop, where you can get everything under one roof , with no stress and then you can easily co-ordinate all your furniture buying as well as plenty to choose from, to make your home a good feng shui home.

July 8

Easy Living


Visiting my girlfriend’s apartment and seeing how she maximized her small space makes me so proud of her.  Even her kitchen has a hanging door gear  for her sliding glass door to prevent the smoke from coming into the living room while she is cooking.  I loved the idea totally but I would have used thicker glass door if I were her, that way, the kitchen can be noisy and it won’t affect those already in the dining room as well as the tv room.   But overall, her apartment is not only well decorated but also well used of space.

May 18

Meditating With Music


Part of what I’ve learned about Feng Shui is getting in synced with your surroundings and in tune with yourself.  Meditation has become a very big part of mine because of practicing feng shui and I’ve learned how I can incorporate music into my meditation to make me less stress.

Picking up a musical instrument was the other thing I did , from learning  how to string a guitar  to playing a tune or two to relieve my stress at the end of the day has been quite essential in my life.  Everytime, I play the guitar, I feel like I am strumming my stress and other problems away and I feel a lot more relax after doing it for an hour or two.

If you are anything like myself, and work with a high stress environment, meditating with music is the first I would recommend and the other is picking up a music instrument to learn.

March 12

Feng Shui For Spring


Like many people out there, I’m sure you can’t wait for spring to come, why wait , you can get started by infusing your home with color, light and freshness around you.

I’m going to start by buying some very bright color of potted flowers and plants and decorating my home.  Clean out the old stuff and give everything a little cleaning up, bring in some clean air into the home.  De-clutter is also a good way to go to welcome spring.  Sweep up the stale chi and bring in the good ones.

February 13

Happy Home Tips With Feng Shui

catsA harmonious home is a happy home according to my late grandparents.  So to create a happy home it’s pretty obvious don’t you think?  well, maybe not to some people , so here I will explain some simple ways and steps to make your home and you a happy one.

To have a harmonious home is to be supportive and to love the people in your family.  Of course, it’s great when you are healthy as well but how do one love and support your family members?  by creating a happy environment and happy images and things surrounding you.  Some happy images around the home is a good way to start and again, keeping your home decluttered is another.  Opt for a healthy home, eat healthy , live healthy and remember do away with harsh chemicals in the home.

November 15

November Feng Shui


November Feng Shui is all about family and friends for me, so if you are anything like me and like to entertain during November and Thanksgiving, make sure that you have good lighting in and around your home.  They say that overhead lighting creates anxiety , so i avoid that and use side lighting during gatherings and dinner with friends and family.  I hope you have a great Feng Shui November everyone.

October 28

Feeling The Peace With Feng Shui


So I’ve been going thru’ a lot of chaos and a lot of unwanted stress at the home front for myself.  I think it’s because I don’t have a good sense of time management and try to please everyone but end up not feeling too good about myself.  If one cannot feel good about themselves how can one make others or your home feel good right?  I thought that since I had been practicing the teaching of Feng Shui every now and then, shouldn’t I have more peace in my life and my surroundings?  But nope, if you are stressed up , how can you have a joyful or harmonious lifestyle.

 Trying to please people around me seems not to work for me if I cannot clean my surroundings and don’t even have time to shower everyday.  So my time management ain’t good, and that has to change first.  So instead of allowing my kid to have play dates every other day, she can only do so when I’ve done all my chores and she has done all her homework and piano practices.  It may sound harsh but we all have to learn that there is only so much time in a day for us to work, clean and rest.

The condition of your surroundings and your inner self is so important for feng shui and the good energy to come by.  A few days ago, when my house smelled like rotten eggs, that stressed me up a whole lot as well and that means that I need to get that clear up and find the source of the rotten eggs, because how can one not be stressed up with a rotten egg smell in the house right?  so yes, feng shui also means one has to be logical.   And logical means, we have to find time to clean our surroundings and clear our surroundings.

So yes, finding inner peace in feng shui means, I have to say no to my kid from time to time and not think that I am doing her a disfavor and also not worry too much about the spouse and about what he wants to do.  If he needs time to do his stuff or play his games, he just have to prioritize.

September 5

Wedding Planning

Weddings are such happy occasions, so if and when a couple get all stress up because of decorating the event hall or worrying about flower or make up colors, I tell them that the most important thing about a wedding is being happy.  No amount of feng shui can help the couple to start a good life together, if they fret over such a happy occasion.

A couple I know wants a certain kind of tablecloth for their wedding, so I sent them to the  burlap tablecloth site  where they can get them at a reasonable price.  So in every problem there is a solution, no need to fret.  Feng Shui isn’t magic but if you ask me, I will certainly help you to get over your anxiety by pointing you to the right direction for anything you may want in a wedding.

June 1

Feng Shui My Home For The Summer


Folks say that spring cleaning is for the spring time but I say spring cleaning is anytime, you need to de-clutter and I need to de-clutter my home really bad.  My house/home is so cluttered, I’m feeling so lousy about it and that you can blame the kids because they have so many toys and so many garbage that they want to keep *sigh*.

So this summer, I really need to feng shui my house/home, so I’m starting with de-cluttering first.  I want an open space, I want the rooms to be free so that the good chi can flow smoothly.  And my tv room on the upstairs, may need more light and more colors.  And of course, the kids’ stuff and toys need to be moved to the basement, so that I can have a more open space.

We definitely need more space in the computer room and that means to go thru’ all the stuff we don’t use and don’t need anymore and throw them out, so that the cabinets and drawers can be used for other stuff.

So from now till summer, I’m going to de-clutter and make better use of my space.