March 12

Feng Shui For Spring


Like many people out there, I’m sure you can’t wait for spring to come, why wait , you can get started by infusing your home with color, light and freshness around you.

I’m going to start by buying some very bright color of potted flowers and plants and decorating my home.  Clean out the old stuff and give everything a little cleaning up, bring in some clean air into the home.  De-clutter is also a good way to go to welcome spring.  Sweep up the stale chi and bring in the good ones.

December 5

Winter Feng Shui


Someone asked me about winter’s feng shui today, so I thought I would share some of the things I do during winter to feng shui my home and office.  Since winter is usually very cold here in Canada, I try to bring warmth back into our home.  So I bring in more warm color in the house and also make sure that our home and office is warm and candles are new and burning around the house and office as well.  Remember, good energy comes from just doing very little and a little color in the home and office can change the entire perspective of your surroundings.

November 15

November Feng Shui


November Feng Shui is all about family and friends for me, so if you are anything like me and like to entertain during November and Thanksgiving, make sure that you have good lighting in and around your home.  They say that overhead lighting creates anxiety , so i avoid that and use side lighting during gatherings and dinner with friends and family.  I hope you have a great Feng Shui November everyone.

June 4

Recharge With Feng Shui


It is so important to recharge yourself according to feng shui and that is one thing I’ve learned that will help me lead not only a better life but a definitely richer one. So go for a break, go have a holiday by the beach or a stay in a luxurious hotel, eat good food, lots of greens, drink lots of water and have a lot of rest and do away with the electronics for a few days and recharge and rejuvenate.

April 16

Hunting Season Feng Shui

My spouse’s best friend loves hunting but he never has any luck and never seems bring back anything, he thinks it’s bad luck and wants to know if feng shui can help him score some good hunting season.  I had to laugh at him and asked him to get a  Cellular Trail Camera  instead for his hunting trips, now that would definitely help with his hunting.

And no feng shui isn’t magic or voodoo, people need to be practical and realistic.

February 20

House Feng Shui For 2014

It’s already February of 2014 and Chinese New Year is already over but I’ve yet to look into the feng shui of my own home because I have been busy traveling for work.  So as I sit and write this down for my home Feng Shui for my home for 2014, I figured I should share some of my tips that I’ve learned with you as well.

My feng shui master tells me about attracting good chi into my home for 2014 and I know I haven’t been doing that because the entrance to my home, is still so cluttered.  So this weekend, the de-cluttering start that way I can attract the good chi into my home to benefit every members in the family.

So how do one attract good chi into one’s home besides de-cluttering?  I read that attracting good chi in one’s house starts from the outside of your home, first you have to identify if there is any negative chi and if there is, you have to eliminate it and then good chi can come into your home.

January 9

Starting The New Year With Good Health

Yes, how do one start the New Year with good health?  That is what I want to do too this year like everyone else I am sure.  So besides eating right, drinking lots of water and exercising, I want all of you to be honest with yourself.  If you have health issues, be it a drug addiction or eating too much, you have to try and seek help.  There are plenty of programs such as  drug addiction treatment  that can help one can back to good health.  So be honest with yourself and start the new year with good health by seeking treatment.  Don’t be afraid to get help whether it is a drug addiction or if you have a heart mumur or your legs or your breast has a lump.  Seeking treatment immediately is the first thing one can do to help yourself get back into good health.

September 5

Using Feng Shui To Fix Bad Vibes From Neighbor

A co-worker asked me today how he can fix the bad vibes between his neighbor and himself because his neighbor turned on him overnight and is determined to make life at home as difficult as possible for him.

Not exactly a surprising statement from some people because some neighbors can be really a pain, I’ve had one of those many years ago and good thing I moved away and even when we do meet each other in a public area, the family still taunts mine *shake head*.  But yes, there are such people around, so you are not the only person facing such issues.

So what you one do when you do have someone around your neighborhood like that?  well, there are a few feng shui things that you can try to make the bad energy turn into a good energy for you or remain calm for you and your family.  The one that I most recommend and use myself is the “bagua mirror”.  Why?  well, the bagua mirror is supposed to be a reflective mirror to shoot back the bad energy where it came from.  Another very popular cure is a large wind chime in between both houses.  Feng Shui is not magic, so don’t expect it to work overnight but you can be sure that some feng shui can be really powerful.

August 25

Tormented By Bazi

Charting one’s Bazi is great but do not be a tormentor of your own Bazi, that’s what I learned from the feng shui expert and that’s true.  Some people can be such a die hard about what they learned and they become their own worst enemy.  Don’t be that tormentor in your head and  punish yourself constantly.

Creating awareness is what one must do to change.  Don’t make your own voice your worst enemy.  You can be in control if you want, you just need to be aware that you can do it.