April 12

Good Gifting For Easter

Gifting for this Easter had been really difficult as I wanted to get really good things for Easter for family and friends, thoughtful and usable gifts , not just any gifts.  I never want to buy just because of buying something for showing off.  But when a  ibanez destroyer  came to my attention , I had to get this for my teenage son . He had wanted it for a long time.  A wee bit more than I want to spend , but I rather get him something he wants , then something he would be disappointed with.

November 15

Are You Bad Luck?


I hear people complain all the time that they are where they are because they are facing “BAD LUCK” .  Is there really such thing that one is having bad luck ?  for a period of time or a long period of their life.  Does bad luck follow you like some people claims?   A long time girlfriend of mine always joke that if she didn’t have bad luck, she didn’t have any luck at all.

The only reason why she keeps saying this is because bad things happens to her and her life all the time.  Her car breaks down , her son wants to commit suicide, she gets into a fight with her hubby and then her ex.  After her car is fix, she gets into an accident with the deer on the road.  Yes, it’s a never ending story for her , or should I say, it definitely seems to any one who knows her that she is having some kind of bad luck or a dark cloud surrounding her constantly.

But wait a minute , lets dig deeper and look deeper into my friend’s life and her surroundings as well as her circumstances.   How does one have so much bad luck you ask ?  And yes a deeper look into her life , you will find that although an extremely good person , my old friend makes some of the worst choices in her life and not willing to make any changes and thus continues to lament about it when bad things happen.  For example,  her car , she used to buy old cars, thus is always having car trouble.  When she finally did get a new car, she was driving it so fast even knowing that the area she lives in, is a deer hazard area.  So who can she blames if the deer comes running into her car all the time?


My girlfriend is so comfortable with the life she lives in and is not willing to make changes in her way of driving or the way she handles different aspect of her life, that she blames it on bad luck for anything that goes wrong in her life.  She doesn’t need to carry a cloud of bad luck with her all the time, all she needs to do is to stop doing what she is doing constantly and make changes and take action/s and take charge of her life and situation.  One needs to remove the fear , make some wise decision to make these changes and snap out of this “loser” mentality.   Nothing is impossible, unless, you don’t want to change, unless you don’t want to make things better.

When I see young people coming in to hand in their resumes because the court makes this young offender do it as part of their rehabilitation, do they really want to work?  They say that the reason that they got into trouble is because they didn’t have a job?  Or they have bad luck and gets fired after a few days of work , was it really bad luck?  or the attitude of these young people?  Anyone who’ve made mistakes in life, can make changes in their life if they want too, they don’t need to continue being losers or had bad luck following them.  The ability to step out of their comfort zone and face their fears about getting rejected by people or looked down upon by people , this is the first steps into making the improvement that is so much needed in their currently daunting life.

When one reads about Rag to Riches stories or even ex – con turn into millionaire, what does this tell you?  people are in charge of their own destiny.  When I cannot lose my weight for many years, it isn’t bad luck, it is my lack of ambition.  A lot of people blame their past, their life , bad luck and any possible thing they can come up with to not do what they have potential to do.  So if you are one of those with “BAD LUCK ”  all the time, you can make the bad luck go away on your own.   Get committed to the plan to simply want this change in your life, will yourself to do what you think  is causing your bad luck.
What defines your current situation that you are in , is what you are doing to yourself and your life.  Feng shui is not magic, it is the art of putting sensible thinking with the flow of good vibes and good energy into one’s life to make changes in your life.  If you are currently experiencing bad luck, will making changes make it worst?  after all you are already having bad luck, how much worst can it get ?  so don’t make excuses, make changes.
October 31

Special Gifts For Christmas


Christmas is round the corner and everyone is asking what is the best present for your loved ones, extended families and friends.  It’s about a month and a half away and like everyone else with the best intentions, this year GlassWithATwist.com presents custom beer mugs  that I really liked for all of them.  Not only do my family and friends drink lots of beer during the festive season, I feel that a custom made beer cup would be everyone’s favorite.

Why?  who doesn’t like their name on something , so that they can feel a sense of pride and boast about it to friends and family right on family gatherings or when friends drop in for a visit.  Like I mentioned earlier, you can personalized it and as for me I will print out a short joke, a inspiration quote  or memory for the person receiving it. It would feel and look like a nice touch and anyone can do it for that special friend , or family member , plus I like my present to stand out and thoughtful.

So if you are asking me about any feng shui gifts , I say give with your heart , give with thoughtfulness and everything will be great and friends and family would love it.

July 12

Using Feng Shui To Light Up Your Life


A wise man said :  and I quote,

“You can curse the darkness. Of you can light a candle.

Your destiny chart doesn’t label any particular period as a bad “break” or “unlucky days.” The chart also does not say you need to move with the tides and conform to circumstances dictated by somebody else.

The reason you read your BaZi chart is to find solutions and possibilities. With the right information, we are then free to become the creators of our experience.”

January 20

Rings For Feng Shui

Friends of mine love wearing  these masonic rings  and wonder if they have any contradiction to what feng shui believes.   So I told them that I don’t think so because all masonic rings are meant for some fraternity or organization and that could only mean that it is a good symbol of strength if anything.  So for those who are wondering if wearing these masonic rings are good for your feng shui, I say wear away.

January 15

Feng Shui 2015


Happy New Year everyone  !  sorry , I’ve been really busy at the beginning of the year and mostly it’s because of the spouse’s business.  I don’t know about you but 2014 had been a really good year for me and mine , well except for the health department , that I will be concentrating on this year.  You can’t be happy without your health and wealth cannot buy you health, so this year, I’m taking care of my health alone.  The rest, I’ll leave it to the partner.

 One thing I am constantly reminding everyone here is, Feng Shui is not black magic, nor is it a religion.  Some people think that Feng Shui is about one’s superstitions but it is not, it’s all about common sense and making good use of one’s space to improve the energy of your space.

December 1

Feng Shui Music With Flutes

This Christmas , we bought some  flutes for students  who are attending the same school as my teenage daughter.  They say that learning the flute can enhanced and heighten calmness in these teenage kids , so we donated a bunch to the school.  I’ve also listened to feng shui music played with the flute and loved it immensely, so hopefully, these flutes that we bought for the students can help them.

November 15

November Feng Shui


November Feng Shui is all about family and friends for me, so if you are anything like me and like to entertain during November and Thanksgiving, make sure that you have good lighting in and around your home.  They say that overhead lighting creates anxiety , so i avoid that and use side lighting during gatherings and dinner with friends and family.  I hope you have a great Feng Shui November everyone.

October 28

Feeling The Peace With Feng Shui


So I’ve been going thru’ a lot of chaos and a lot of unwanted stress at the home front for myself.  I think it’s because I don’t have a good sense of time management and try to please everyone but end up not feeling too good about myself.  If one cannot feel good about themselves how can one make others or your home feel good right?  I thought that since I had been practicing the teaching of Feng Shui every now and then, shouldn’t I have more peace in my life and my surroundings?  But nope, if you are stressed up , how can you have a joyful or harmonious lifestyle.

 Trying to please people around me seems not to work for me if I cannot clean my surroundings and don’t even have time to shower everyday.  So my time management ain’t good, and that has to change first.  So instead of allowing my kid to have play dates every other day, she can only do so when I’ve done all my chores and she has done all her homework and piano practices.  It may sound harsh but we all have to learn that there is only so much time in a day for us to work, clean and rest.

The condition of your surroundings and your inner self is so important for feng shui and the good energy to come by.  A few days ago, when my house smelled like rotten eggs, that stressed me up a whole lot as well and that means that I need to get that clear up and find the source of the rotten eggs, because how can one not be stressed up with a rotten egg smell in the house right?  so yes, feng shui also means one has to be logical.   And logical means, we have to find time to clean our surroundings and clear our surroundings.

So yes, finding inner peace in feng shui means, I have to say no to my kid from time to time and not think that I am doing her a disfavor and also not worry too much about the spouse and about what he wants to do.  If he needs time to do his stuff or play his games, he just have to prioritize.

October 22

Christmas Present


Christmas isn’t here yet but it’s good for me to start looking for things that the spouse wants now because giving the right Christmas presents to one’s spouse will keep the harmony at home too.  Imagine, if I wanted a Louis Vuitton handbag and the spouse bought me a washing machine?  So what would happen from Christmas on?  One very upset woman, leading to a very unhealthy relationship.  You don’t need feng shui to tell you that.  So to keep the harmony and the goodwill in the family, it starts from getting the right Christmas present.  Mine is pretty easy to order , To place your order, call us toll-free at 800-449-9128  as advertised recently and the spouse pointed it out to me the other day.  So folks out there, start the year right by getting the right presents for your spouse this Christmas.