December 10

Finding Success

Finding success with feng shui – !  someone told me once that you can find success when you find the meaning to your work.  So what does that mean, I hear you asking?

My interpretation is pretty simple  – some people work for the money, some people work because they can’t find a better job, so they stay where they are.  Some people they have responsibility, some have no choice because they don’t have other skills nor have any intention to upgrade themselves to do something they would like to do.

In order to be successful, you have to do what make sense to you and what you enjoy thoroughly and something that makes you feel that you are doing the right thing. That is where your Bazi comes along.

December 4

Feng Shui For Music Event

Producing a music event and bringing everything together is definitely no easy feat, so I don’t blame my friend for asking for some feng shui tip for a music event that he will be in charge of. The venue is very important as a tlm102  for this music event and he wasn’t taking any chances because he wants to make sure that it is more than successful.

The music event is held in town but the even is an open air even, therefore, it is important to find out where is available and which spot he has to pick.  As an event co-ordinator, everything is important even to the most tiniest thing.  I know that he is getting the best sponsors for all his music instruments, accessories and gadgets and the musicians lined up are pretty impressive too, now all he  needs to do is to make sure that the event is a sell out and that he would be asked to continue doing this job.

October 4

Good Feng Shui For New Business

So the neighbor is opening his own garage/motorshop and the first thing he asked for is how to get good feng shui for his new business. So I advised him to look for a cpa firm  first and then the rest will all come in time.

Like I’ve said many a times, many people think that Feng Shui is magic but it’s not and there is no miracle solution for anything in life.  Feng Shui is combining a lot of common sense and making everything flow accordingly.  In any new business, money matters is the most important, so what best advise to give but to find a really good CPA firm because they are the ones who can give you the best advice and look out for you.

Of course, having said that, one can always make things better for his new store, like basic things such as making the garage/motorshop presentable as well and welcoming.  Making sure that it doesn’t smell bad and turn customers off and also to put visible signs so that potential customers will come in or know where they are.  So there you have it, if you are opening a new business, follow some simple rules and everything will be good for you and your business.

April 9

Feng Shui For Job Advancement

Everyone whom I have met tells me all the time that they want to be at the peak of their career, is there any magic formula for it – they always quizzed me.  It’s funny how many still think that Feng Shui is some kind of magic – but I don’t blame them for it is a misconception.  While I practice feng shui for a better lifestyle, you and I know that Feng Shui is about practicality.  If you want to advance your career, you not only have to make sure that you are seen and visible by your bosses and work hard, you also need to make sure that they know that you are working hard.

For example, if you were sent overseas for an assignment, make sure you thank your boss by buying him some  cigar boxes  if you know that he loves them.  Don’t go buying him a vase or a piece of jade because what use is it?  but then if you have a lady boss, that’s a different story altogether.  Feng Shui is about common sense, been disciplined in your job and showing results is what that would get you job advancement, not by placing some lions figure or a bowl of gold fish – remember enhancing your surroundings is great but if you are a lazy person, you won’t get too far.

December 11

Finding The Perfect Job Thru’ Feng Shui

So you want to find the perfect job thru’ feng shui – but what is your perfect job – you asked yourself because feng shui isn’t magic.  If you want to find the perfect job, then you have to find something that you loved and you have to find something that you want to do for a long time.  If you loved to travel – then you should either join the airlines. And for those who loved to go on cruises – they should apply for a job with  a cruise ship .  First identify what you want to do for a long time – and then go do it – Feng Shui isn’t magic – action will get you further.


December 8

Designing An Office With Money Coming In

Being a small business owner, I can understand why some people are paranoid when they need to move or renovate their office.  Like many who knows about feng shui, they want their office or business to bring in the money, so the next thing to do is to design an office or a business with the money coming in and not going out.

But how do one do that?  now that’s a great question especially, if you don’t have the resource of a feng shui master nearby.  How easy is it and how important is it to have a good feng shui office depends on how successful you want to be I guess.

According to what I understand, choosing a building that has the correct kua with the boss of the company is very important, and by doing that the business will thrive and it will bring in opportunity as well as growth in the business.   It is important to use the Kua formulation properly to find out the kua number of the boss before doing any renovation.

After finding out the kua number, you have to find out the wealth spot of the building or business/office. Once you find out where the wealth spot is – then you can activate the wealth spot by putting in a water feature on the wealth spot.  Bring your business to a higher level by following the 2 steps. Good luck!

December 1

Feng Shui & Your Cubicle Office

So you are in a cubicle for an office – you freak out and you think it’s bad feng shui for your career, what do you do?  I’ve heard this many a times and people used to blame their cubicle for not advancing in their career. So what can one do – by using feng shui to cure that unfortunately space?  Well, if you plan carefully, you will see improvement to your work situation really quick and I’ve seen it work for a few friends – so there, proven theory that feng shui does help.

I know that your cubicle is small but if you can move your desk where you can see the entrance instead of having your back face the entrance that would be the first move.  Now if you can’t – don’t fret just yet – there are other things that you can try.  So you can’t move your desk – but you can place a 8 x 10 mirror in front of you, so that you can see who is coming up behind you.   Using your computer monitor for a reflection is just not good enough – so don’t be cheap now – and get a proper mirror.

Another tip you can try is bringing in some live plants but they have to be odd numbers – the bigger the better but don’t go being over-zealous about it.  I also hear that placing a water fountain near the entrance of the cubicle but if you cannot have that – you can place a picture of a waterfall  – the bigger the better.  So there – feng shui your cubicle this way and see if it helps.

November 6

Absolute Certain Decisions In Feng Shui

People asked me all the time if Feng Shui can help them make the right decision and I keep reminding them that Feng Shui isn’t magic – nor is it some spell, it’s a matter of understanding oneself and the situation you are in.  Should I or should I not – if you keep asking such a question, then you are not going to go anywhere with all these questions. There is no right or wrong decisions in Fengshui because even the right decision can turn out to be a wrong one.

But don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean that you cannot make any decision – it only means that don’t let your fear of making only the right decision hold you back.  Risk taking is part of life and if you fail – so what you stand up again and start all over.   Don’t be like my mom, insisting in not doing anything out of the ordinary.


September 13

Co-workers and Feng Shui In The Office

So you want to have a good relationship with your co-workers – who doesn’t right?  you certainly don’t want to be back stabbed by your co-workers and you don’t want to be involved in any office politics right?  plus you also want to be liked by everyone in the office and you want to get ahead in the office – all these are what a working man or woman would want – so do I.

So if you are always a target to be gossiped about or if you are always taking the blame for someone in the office – this is what you have to do.  Display a rooster that has got a prominent beak – by doing so – it will peck away unwanted gossips and politics against you. Now if you are a woman – buy a Jade Cicada, wear it as a bracelet.  Hope you become the most likeable person in the office soon – or at least be less of a target.

August 20

Having A Water Dragon In Your Garden

I’m quite skeptical when people tell me that they want to have a water fountain in their garden.  I can understand why they want this Water Dragon in their garden because by designing a water dragon in one’s garden – I’ve heard that you can enjoy not only wealth but fame but wait a minute – before you go doing stuff to your garden – you really have to get a really good feng shui master to help you, if not then you will not be getting the right goodness that you want.

A good Water Dragon in your garden can bring you lots of good fortune but if you make a slight mistake, you may regret it forever.  I’ve heard of millionaires putting in Water Dragon and even though they don’t seems to be in great harm after doing it – they don’t seems to advance in their business due to a slight direction of the Water Dragon.  So be warned  – get a really good feng shui master to help if you are truly looking into it.