December 8

Christmas Party For The Office


Why is Christmas party in the office good feng shui ?  someone asked me the other day.  Because a Christmas party brings people together and therefore is a joyous occasion and joyous occasions are known to bring good chi into the office/business.  But to have a successful Christmas party anywhere, one has got to get djs like the dj in charleston  because they are the best and brings out the best in everyone during all kinds of party.

So if you own a business or a store or have an office, go ahead and party during these festive occasions because partying brings the goodness in people to come together.

August 20

Death Related Business


So an acquaintance looked into buying a business to re-open his workplace but little did he know that someone committed suicide in the building.  Of course, being Asian, he wasn’t too pleased with his purchase as the building was very expensive.  So whose fault is it that he wasn’t made aware of the incident that happened many years ago?  The owners?  or his?

Whoever the fault may be, now that he is stuck with the building for his future business, he would have no choice but to find a remedy for it.  So he asked besides calling the ghost busters what else can he do?  Can feng shui help with a “haunted” building?

Feng shui is no magic nor does it practice voodoo but since Feng Shui is about practicing balance, therefore the Yin and Yang can be used to balance the building that the acquaintance bought to help eliminate the dark side of the building since spirits are said to be on the dark side.

So the acquaintance should make sure that the building is bright and more lights are in the building and warmth around the building is encouraged as well.  Make sure that the building is clean and fresh air is around the building.

July 22

Feng Shui For A Healthy Work Place


For a healthy work place environment, not only must your work place be conducive but also a happy place before feng shui can work for you.  So my question to everyone who are bosses is how do you make your employees happy?

Look at huge companies like Google and Microsoft, they have resting places for their employees, a huge cafeteria where you can have healthy meals and of course the health insurance coverage questions  that all employees will be asking you.

If I am going to work for a company for a long time or be loyal to it, don’t you think that having insurance coverage for myself and the entire family is important?  So if you are asking for feng shui for your workplace, then you have to think of happy employees and their family and good feng shui will follow.

November 25

Feng Shui For Bad Workers

A friend asked me what she can use in Feng Shui to treat a very awful co-worker that seems to be cranky and grouchy around her all the time.  In fact, she just found out that her co-worker would bad mouth her to their immediate both, of course that can be really devastating.

So I told her what I read in one article and what she can do.  She should buy a cactus and place it in her fame and reputation corner and then write on a piece of paper, the name of the awful co-worker and also write – so and so will respect and leave me alone plus stop bad mouthing me.  This is said to have helped other, so I am hoping it would help her and those who are facing the same problem.

November 15

Feng Shui For Good Business During Christmas

Christmas season should be the busiest for us and this year, it seems to be starting a wee bit slow, therefore, I’m seeking out Feng Shui to help with the flow of good energy to bring in more business than it did last year.

Last year, we did very well on the business front as well as the home front but this year having one less employee means we have to work harder to show ourselves that we can do it ourselves.  I cleared as much clutter as positive and cleaned every thing out and placed everything properly in the business and threw away bad Christmas lights as well as Christmas decoration that we don’t use no more.   I also make sure that everything was lighted up and that all the decoration looks nice and bright.

I’m going to wipe down all the furniture and cabinets with sea salt water – to help take away the bad chi in the store – now lets hope this will help bring in more positive energy into the store and kill the bad ones.

October 15

Feng Shui For More Business

Folks from the neighboring stores asked me all the time how they can use Feng Shui to bring in more business.  It’s not a weird question at all, who doesn’t want their businesses to flourish right?  so here are some of my tips – first of all, you have to have a positive energy in your store.  What does it mean to have a positive energy I hear you asking?  Well, your store should be bright, welcoming, smells good and of course a smile on everyone in the store would be essential as well.   So there, start with that first and see what these positive energy can bring you.

October 4

Good Feng Shui For New Business

So the neighbor is opening his own garage/motorshop and the first thing he asked for is how to get good feng shui for his new business. So I advised him to look for a cpa firm  first and then the rest will all come in time.

Like I’ve said many a times, many people think that Feng Shui is magic but it’s not and there is no miracle solution for anything in life.  Feng Shui is combining a lot of common sense and making everything flow accordingly.  In any new business, money matters is the most important, so what best advise to give but to find a really good CPA firm because they are the ones who can give you the best advice and look out for you.

Of course, having said that, one can always make things better for his new store, like basic things such as making the garage/motorshop presentable as well and welcoming.  Making sure that it doesn’t smell bad and turn customers off and also to put visible signs so that potential customers will come in or know where they are.  So there you have it, if you are opening a new business, follow some simple rules and everything will be good for you and your business.

September 11

Best Business Move For Good Business Feng Shui

 I was invited to a friend’s office opening, you see he started a security company in town and moved to another town for a new office.  The town wasn’t too far away from the old town that he was in but nevertheless it was a great decision because rent was low and the town was booming.  I noticed all the advanced technology he is using in his new office and was very impressed that he has the    ESET security license  for his servers in his office.  I figured since his clients/customers expects a certain level of security  information, it is only right to make this investment.  Once his clients knows about this secure server, they too will be impressed.  I’m sure he will do good with his new company.

August 20

Music Ambiance In Restaurant

Music in any restaurant is very important , if you are in a Hard Rock Cafe, you are definitely going to be entertained by some loud heavy metal music in its background.  But what about eateries that are not into the hipped or theme style, then what kind of music is suitable?  No elevator music of course please but a friend had told me about the  great zoom g5 at musician’s friend  that one can make their own music for their own restaurants. And he knows that for the ambiance of a restaurant or if the owners wanted a successful restaurant, then he or she  would most likely invest in something like that and do their own recording. I don’t blame them, as not only the ambiance of a restaurant is important, every buisness establishment needs some kinda of music to make their clients feel welcome.

July 1

Business Action

In our almost 14 years of business, we’ve tried a lot of things and one of the biggest mistakes that we’ve made thus far is to listen to what one customers want and try to please them.  You know you can’t please everyone and the best thing one can do when you are in business is to do it the way you think is right not the way the customers wants it.  What works for you best is what will work eventually in the long run.

For example, customer comes in and tells us they want a movie bad – so we run out and order the movie for like $35.  Customer never came back to rent it at all – and the only person who rented it rented it once.  So we lost like $33 on the movie – because no one rented it nor wants to buy it.  Lesson to be learned her is not to rush out and do what others are doing.

The town that I’m currently in is a town whereby people wants a piece of whatever candy or cake you are selling.  Many years ago, we were the only ones selling fireworks but the other video stores decided that they too can make some money doing that.  So in the end – even the dollar stores were selling fireworks and so were the bigger stores.  In the end – the cake is no longer sweet – we gave up in selling fireworks because no one wants to buy fireworks for $5 when they can get it for $1.  Moral of the story, you don’t have to do what others are doing.