October 31

Special Gifts For Christmas


Christmas is round the corner and everyone is asking what is the best present for your loved ones, extended families and friends.  It’s about a month and a half away and like everyone else with the best intentions, this year GlassWithATwist.com presents custom beer mugs  that I really liked for all of them.  Not only do my family and friends drink lots of beer during the festive season, I feel that a custom made beer cup would be everyone’s favorite.

Why?  who doesn’t like their name on something , so that they can feel a sense of pride and boast about it to friends and family right on family gatherings or when friends drop in for a visit.  Like I mentioned earlier, you can personalized it and as for me I will print out a short joke, a inspiration quote  or memory for the person receiving it. It would feel and look like a nice touch and anyone can do it for that special friend , or family member , plus I like my present to stand out and thoughtful.

So if you are asking me about any feng shui gifts , I say give with your heart , give with thoughtfulness and everything will be great and friends and family would love it.

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