August 1

Decorating Your Home The Feng Shui Way

 Friends asked me all the time about how one can decorate their home/houses the feng shui way to enhance their life.  But how do I even begin to tell them about my way of decorating to make the chi flow better at my home?  Do one start with good furniture ?  or is the color important ?  so many questions but so little time to go through each and everyone of their question.  So I normally, tell them that a good  home decor center  where one can get everything under one roof is a good help when one is trying to decorate or re-decorate to enhance one’s way of living.


Does it matter what kind of furniture , does it have to be all wood or all rattan ?  Actually, decorating one’s home is to one’s preference, whatever makes you the owner and the people living inside the house happy is good by me but of course, some reservations on color and design needs to be considered carefully.  As for bedding, I think anything that is not too dark would also help to brighten up one’s home thus making everyone happier.

 What about the exterior ?  outdoor furniture ? does it matter ?  I get asked this often enough.  As far as Feng Shui is concern, not too much clutter and some bright and soothing color as well as good coordination would be good for the feng shui of one’s home/house.  One has to be in a good furniture shop, where you can get everything under one roof , with no stress and then you can easily co-ordinate all your furniture buying as well as plenty to choose from, to make your home a good feng shui home.