February 20

Music For Feng Shui

 So a long time friend was having chinese new year’s dinner with us yesterday and asked about some good instrument that she can get for her youngest because, she wanted him to bring out some good feng shui music in the house.  In which my reply to her was that any instrument/s is good , it all depends on what the kid liked.   So when she told me , he loves the guitar, I suggested the  3 4 acoustic guitar  for beginners.   And also recommended that she sends her kid to a classical music teacher, now that would be pleasing to her ears.

February 13

Happy Home Tips With Feng Shui

catsA harmonious home is a happy home according to my late grandparents.  So to create a happy home it’s pretty obvious don’t you think?  well, maybe not to some people , so here I will explain some simple ways and steps to make your home and you a happy one.

To have a harmonious home is to be supportive and to love the people in your family.  Of course, it’s great when you are healthy as well but how do one love and support your family members?  by creating a happy environment and happy images and things surrounding you.  Some happy images around the home is a good way to start and again, keeping your home decluttered is another.  Opt for a healthy home, eat healthy , live healthy and remember do away with harsh chemicals in the home.

February 8

Doors That Opens Outwards


Someone just asked me if having your Front door opening outwards is bad for feng shui?  Good question !  I’ve asked about this many times because our store’s front door needed to be opened outwards for safety reasons.

Well, I asked someone who is much more better than I in feng shui and he told me that it is not really that idea if your home or business’s front door opens outwards but that doesn’t mean that your whole feng shui is bad.  You can still have great feng shui for your home and business by following some simple steps.

 Firstly, make sure that the path leading to your doors are not cluttered.  Make sure that the good chi can come into your doors.

Secondly, make sure that you create a strong front door, no garbage cans or dead plants, good lighting , good door.

And lastly, create strong feng shui energy towards your home or business.

There you have it – good luck !