September 10

Feng Shui Your Life


People often ask me how they can feng shui their life and make their life a good one.  What is a good life ?  Some people’s definition of a good life is different from another.  What is your definition and how do you reach that goal using feng shui?  Can feng shui really help you have a better life ?  or is it a better perspective that you need?  Are you not happy with your life?  what can one do ?  Definitely all good questions and those that I’ve asked a long time ago too, so you are not alone.

Positive thinking is a must for anyone who wants a better life for themselves.  Starting the day right is very important to anyone, start your day right with getting up early enough to do some stretches and telling yourself the positive things you are going to do for the day and have a leisure enough breakfast.

 Clear any clutter at home and at the office as we all know that clutter does not allow the positive energy to enter your room.

Finish up any unfinished work around the house and office, be it a picture that needs hanging or a box of old office papers that need to be stored.

Make time to spend some quiet time with yourself , relaxing and having a cup of tea or coffee.

Light some incense around the home or office to clear away stagnant and bad energy in your home.

 Use a cork board or a white board with magnets and hang up happy pictures or places you want to travel to or write down a goal you want to achieve.

Arrange your home/and or office furniture so that it is not obstructing your way.  Put some bring color rugs in your room to brighten and lighten your environment.

Hang out with people that have positive energy and lift you up.

At the end of the day, de-stress and do things that will make you sleep well and take a sea salt bath and write down 3 things that you appreciate or accomplished during the day.  Sleep early and relax with a glass of wine.

September 5

Wedding Planning

Weddings are such happy occasions, so if and when a couple get all stress up because of decorating the event hall or worrying about flower or make up colors, I tell them that the most important thing about a wedding is being happy.  No amount of feng shui can help the couple to start a good life together, if they fret over such a happy occasion.

A couple I know wants a certain kind of tablecloth for their wedding, so I sent them to the  burlap tablecloth site  where they can get them at a reasonable price.  So in every problem there is a solution, no need to fret.  Feng Shui isn’t magic but if you ask me, I will certainly help you to get over your anxiety by pointing you to the right direction for anything you may want in a wedding.

September 1

Bad Luck & Feng Shui


I have a friend who is going thru’ some kinda bad luck or something but whatever he is doing or planning to do or do for that matter, nothing seems to come out good in it.  So is it really bad luck, someone asked me that can follow you around?  sometimes, it does seems that way for all of us doesn’t it?

So how does someone with such bad luck counter react to “this” bad luck and lead a good and fulfilling life and a life that seems to be good luck for others?   first of all, while some people think that good luck has to do with good feng shui, I say that there are other factors whereby some people are never lucky and others seems to be enjoying all the good things in life.  Good feng shui comes from positive thinking, so the secret recipe for good luck is not only positive thinking but using some common sense.

So if you know of someone who is always having bad luck, it’s not the bad luck that is crowding around her but her actions and way of thinking.  Take action, take positive steps to improve your life and the rest will follow.