August 29

Musical Instruments For Feng Shui

Friends ask me all the time what kind of musical instruments they should pick up that can enhance their life and good for feng shui.  Most people would go for a quieter instruments like the violin and the classical guitar but I say even the  gibson explorer  can enhance your life and surroundings if you choose to use it to do just that.

Feng shui is about the balance of ying and yang, so any kind of instruments that you fancy and feel that you are right at home with it, then you are good to go.  Loud music might not be for some people but like the spouse, he feels right at peace with rock and roll music and if you ask him to listen to classical music, I don’t think that he can enjoy it much.  So yes, choose a instrument that you like and everything will fall in its place if you are worried that it might not be good feng shui, worry no more.


August 20

Death Related Business


So an acquaintance looked into buying a business to re-open his workplace but little did he know that someone committed suicide in the building.  Of course, being Asian, he wasn’t too pleased with his purchase as the building was very expensive.  So whose fault is it that he wasn’t made aware of the incident that happened many years ago?  The owners?  or his?

Whoever the fault may be, now that he is stuck with the building for his future business, he would have no choice but to find a remedy for it.  So he asked besides calling the ghost busters what else can he do?  Can feng shui help with a “haunted” building?

Feng shui is no magic nor does it practice voodoo but since Feng Shui is about practicing balance, therefore the Yin and Yang can be used to balance the building that the acquaintance bought to help eliminate the dark side of the building since spirits are said to be on the dark side.

So the acquaintance should make sure that the building is bright and more lights are in the building and warmth around the building is encouraged as well.  Make sure that the building is clean and fresh air is around the building.