July 22

Feng Shui For A Healthy Work Place


For a healthy work place environment, not only must your work place be conducive but also a happy place before feng shui can work for you.  So my question to everyone who are bosses is how do you make your employees happy?

Look at huge companies like Google and Microsoft, they have resting places for their employees, a huge cafeteria where you can have healthy meals and of course the health insurance coverage questions  that all employees will be asking you.

If I am going to work for a company for a long time or be loyal to it, don’t you think that having insurance coverage for myself and the entire family is important?  So if you are asking for feng shui for your workplace, then you have to think of happy employees and their family and good feng shui will follow.

July 12

Music To Enhance Feng Shui

Music can definitely enhance your environment , then in turn enhance the feng shui around your home.  Some people complain that they can find the right music that they like or feel happy about, so I tell them to get some  cheap gear  and record their own.

They can play their own instruments or better yet, go out and capture the sound of birds or the nature, whatever makes them feel relax and good about themselves.  Especially, for those living in the city or a high rise apartment, definitely do it and play those music to enhance the feng shui of y our home and your living.