April 16

Hunting Season Feng Shui

My spouse’s best friend loves hunting but he never has any luck and never seems bring back anything, he thinks it’s bad luck and wants to know if feng shui can help him score some good hunting season.  I had to laugh at him and asked him to get a  Cellular Trail Camera  instead for his hunting trips, now that would definitely help with his hunting.

And no feng shui isn’t magic or voodoo, people need to be practical and realistic.

April 10

Feng Shui & Astrology

I’ve been asked many a times if Feng Shui & Astrology the same. That’s not a strange or stupid question to ask because I too asked the same before learning more about them.  So don’t feel silly for wanting to know.

Feng Shui astrology has to do with the 9 star and it’s related to feng shui but it uses the I Ching, the five elements and some Yin and Yang theories.  And no it has nothing to do with the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs of your birth year.

The Feng Shui astrology is closely related to the movement of the stars annually.  The moving stars tells about the changing of placement and energy for the year.   It is a good resource to have but I’ve yet master how to use the chart.

April 1

Feng Shui Cures

So what are feng shui cures, everyone asked me the other day.   Well, feng shui cures are related to stuff used to help enhance your surroundings as well as a solution to a problem that you are currently encountering.

Many people uses crystals for feng shui cures but did you know that plants are also used for feng shui cures?  For example, it is said that if you use a pair of rose quartz crystal in the southwest area of your home, it can help to promote love and happy energy towards a happy relationship.

So is this superstition and true?  truth be told, I do not know but if it gives you a peace of mind, why not try it, no harm.