March 7

Signs Of Our Environment

Feng shui is no magic and sometimes, we all know the answer to our problems but we refuse to face it.  You are not alone because i am this way too.  I have a friend who really drain me totally whenever she is around but I can’t ditch her because I feel bad about it because she is in a bad position.

But if she is draining me, then I should know what to do right?  and if I don’t do it nothing is going to help me.  So folks – the answer is often very obvious, it’s nothing to do with anything or any situation or feng shui.

March 3

Pink Trombone

The spouse bought the youngest daughter a pink plastic trombone at wwbw  because she is in a marching band and knowing that pink is her favorite color, he didn’t even ask her if that was the color she wanted.  Plus, he thinks that anything red or pink is good feng shui, in which I laughed when he explained to us why he chose pink in color.

So do you really think that a pink trombone can make her play better or bring her better luck or make her a professional player or something along those lines – I asked the spouse?  of course, he couldn’t answer me and even looked at me sheepishly.

It’s a misconception that any red or pink can bring you good luck, as you all know.  Feng shui is not a magic spell or voodoo, feng shui teaches a good flow of chi and things that can help enhance but it’s no magic or red color or pink isn’t a spell that makes everything alright.  So folks in order to have your kid play better is to get her the right instrument and a lot of practice, remember a pink trombone isn’t magically going to make her turn into beethovan tomorrow.

March 1

Relationship Feng Shui

Relationship Feng Shui?  I’m not talking about boyfriends and girlfriends relationship or husband and wife relationship, I’m focusing today on friendship kinda relationship.  You all know that in our lives, we come across many people, some we think are so nice and so friendly while others, you don’t seems to get along from the start.  While others, you may find disappointing along the way and some may surprisingly you will find that you can have a long lasting relationship with.

I’m very quick with a friendship it seems and everytime I do that, it will definitely come back and bite me because my emotions seems to take over my sensibility.  And I’m sure a lot of you are the same way.  While the spouse, finds friendship a little skeptical, I on the other hand embrace it too willingly and give my all to a friendship until I find it too overwhelming for my liking.

So this year, I’ve decided to step back and not jump into any friendship so willingly or help others so freely.  I’ve decided that for my own benefit, I am going to take things easy this year.  If a friend truly values your friendship, they will try to make things right and not leave you alone.