February 20

House Feng Shui For 2014

It’s already February of 2014 and Chinese New Year is already over but I’ve yet to look into the feng shui of my own home because I have been busy traveling for work.  So as I sit and write this down for my home Feng Shui for my home for 2014, I figured I should share some of my tips that I’ve learned with you as well.

My feng shui master tells me about attracting good chi into my home for 2014 and I know I haven’t been doing that because the entrance to my home, is still so cluttered.  So this weekend, the de-cluttering start that way I can attract the good chi into my home to benefit every members in the family.

So how do one attract good chi into one’s home besides de-cluttering?  I read that attracting good chi in one’s house starts from the outside of your home, first you have to identify if there is any negative chi and if there is, you have to eliminate it and then good chi can come into your home.