January 26

God Of Wealth 2014

So Chinese New Year is just round the corner and many had asked about receiving the God of Wealth for 2014.  I just read today, from a well known feng shui master that during the wee hours in the morning of the first day of the Lunar New Year, this is when everyone should receive the God of Wealth.

So this year, for those of you who practices it, the wealth star activation according to the feng shui master, and its auspicious time and direction is the Rat Hour, he suggested the best time is at 12.30am  and the direction to face is as follow below :

Wealth Qi Activation : NorthWest.
Nobleman Help : East
Happiness : South
Business Success : North
Career Success: West

While some said that it is according to your Bazi, this is the information that I’ve gotten, so good luck to everyone and Gong Hei Fatt Choy!

January 24

Feng Shui My House

Yes, Feng Shui my house, that’s what everyone seems to say to me these days.  The year 2014 has just started for everyone and everyone wants good luck for the year 2014 and I’m not surprised that everyone wants to clean up the house or re-decorate or fix it up to make the occupants in it live healthy and wealthy as well.

I myself went to the  reid website  to get some tools with the spouse for renovating the cottage, so that the feng shui at the cottage will bring us good luck as well.  So if you are thinking of renovating or feng shuiing your place, go right ahead and start.  Although for some people it might be real cold right now, it is good to start your planning now and make sure that you look for a feng shui master before you start on anything.

January 22

Career Prediction For The Year Of The Horse

Everyone wants to know what your luck will be for the year of the horse and I’m no different either.  As a snake, this year is a great year for my career I read.  But of course, like anything in life, one has to go after it to achieve something.   So folks, if you are wondering what your career luck is this year, just make sure you read your Bazi and find out professionally.


January 16

Inauspicious Number

The chinese culture feels that certain numbers are inauspicious like the #4.  Because the #4 sounds like”death” in chinese especially when spoken in dialects. It is a very popular myth in the chinese community but I learned many years ago, that it is not true.

Numbers cannot influences the flow of energy in a property or a house or a floor number, it simply represents a number and nothing else.  Therefore, if someone tells you that the #4 is bad luck, do not believe in it, it doesn’t have any impact whatsoever in the Feng Shui learning at all.  Now that is really good to know right?

January 9

Starting The New Year With Good Health

Yes, how do one start the New Year with good health?  That is what I want to do too this year like everyone else I am sure.  So besides eating right, drinking lots of water and exercising, I want all of you to be honest with yourself.  If you have health issues, be it a drug addiction or eating too much, you have to try and seek help.  There are plenty of programs such as  drug addiction treatment  that can help one can back to good health.  So be honest with yourself and start the new year with good health by seeking treatment.  Don’t be afraid to get help whether it is a drug addiction or if you have a heart mumur or your legs or your breast has a lump.  Seeking treatment immediately is the first thing one can do to help yourself get back into good health.