December 30

Feng Shui To Welcome The New Year

The new year is less than 48 hrs away and I’m sure like myself, you want to start the new year with a good start and new energy and new beginnings.  So how can you do it with the help of Feng Shui I was asked today.  Very important question indeed.

Well, normally, I would give the house a good cleaning, that way all the bad energy and bad vibes can be wiped away and a fresh start begins – or rather it symbolizes it.  And by using essential oil, we can give the house a deep cleaning thus diffusing all bad energy in the house as well.  Clear all clutter too – don’t forget that.

And a Very Happy New Year to one and all out there – here’s wishing you a great 2014.

December 16

A Guitar For Christmas

So we want to buy a vox guitar at musicians friend  for the kids for Christmas present but on the other hand, we don’t want a very noisy home to disturb the feng shui at home. So I asked my Feng Shui friend about it and he told me that playing music or when kids learn a new instrument, it is a good thing.  Having some noise at home means it’s good chi, so I shouldn’t have any worry getting a guitar for my kids for Christmas. So there you have it, if you are planning to get a guitar for your kids, don’t be afraid to get them now, it definitely wouldn’t disturb the feng shui at home, in fact, it will bring live to the family.

December 10

Finding Success

Finding success with feng shui – !  someone told me once that you can find success when you find the meaning to your work.  So what does that mean, I hear you asking?

My interpretation is pretty simple  – some people work for the money, some people work because they can’t find a better job, so they stay where they are.  Some people they have responsibility, some have no choice because they don’t have other skills nor have any intention to upgrade themselves to do something they would like to do.

In order to be successful, you have to do what make sense to you and what you enjoy thoroughly and something that makes you feel that you are doing the right thing. That is where your Bazi comes along.

December 4

Feng Shui For Music Event

Producing a music event and bringing everything together is definitely no easy feat, so I don’t blame my friend for asking for some feng shui tip for a music event that he will be in charge of. The venue is very important as a tlm102  for this music event and he wasn’t taking any chances because he wants to make sure that it is more than successful.

The music event is held in town but the even is an open air even, therefore, it is important to find out where is available and which spot he has to pick.  As an event co-ordinator, everything is important even to the most tiniest thing.  I know that he is getting the best sponsors for all his music instruments, accessories and gadgets and the musicians lined up are pretty impressive too, now all he  needs to do is to make sure that the event is a sell out and that he would be asked to continue doing this job.

December 2

Feng Shui For Christmas At Home

It’s been busy, busy  and busy for us during this time of the year and for most people the home front is as busy and I don’t blame you as we all prepare to celebrate the festive season. So with all the rush around the office and the home front, it’s very easy to forget to stay calm and sometimes, we also find ourselves screaming at our children and spouses more than usual.

So it’s important to learn how to bring some harmony in the home front as well, that is where feng shui comes in.  Did you know that during Christmas, it’s important not to have a overly abundance of red meaning a lot of energy and fire around the house.  Yes, red is the official color for Christmas but too much of red means emotional burnt outs and burst out.  So besides red, try using silver or whte color to promote a balance of chi in your home.  But blue and white works well too.