November 30

Christmas Parties Tips With Feng Shui

Invitations for Christmas parties have been received and we have been trying to decide which party we have to attend and which ones we can skip.  But the office parties are the ones that one cannot skip right?  so what should one do and what should one wear for Christmas parties in the office to have a better year next year?

The one thing I was taught when I was younger is always dress for the occasion and never under-dress.  But of course if you are the receptionist, do not dress better than your boss, meaning don’t go buying a designer party dress just to show your boss up.

And no one said you cannot dress up in black because you can always liven your black dress and if black makes you feel comfy than go for it.  Red is fine too but don’t go with red if it is not your color or if you feel like it’s over-powering.

Always smile during the office party and make sure you know what is going on around the world instead of gossiping about your other boss.  Get interested in what is happening in the world, the bigger picture.  Also remember to carry yourself well and never get drunk in an office party and make a fool of yourself.

November 27

Feng Shui For Success In Immigration

I’m involved with a forum where people wants to migrate from other countries to the West and of course a lot of people knowing that I practice Feng Shui asked if there are anything they can use in Feng Shui to help with more success in their immigration application.   In which I always reply is to look for  immigration lawyers in los angeles  if you are migrating to the states.  Feng Shui is no magic but the immigration lawyers are definitely the people who has the most correct answers and can help you with more than 90% success with immigration application because they specializes in it.  So instead of hoping for a magical answer, get some valuable advise from these immigration lawyers in Los Angeles.

November 25

Feng Shui For Bad Workers

A friend asked me what she can use in Feng Shui to treat a very awful co-worker that seems to be cranky and grouchy around her all the time.  In fact, she just found out that her co-worker would bad mouth her to their immediate both, of course that can be really devastating.

So I told her what I read in one article and what she can do.  She should buy a cactus and place it in her fame and reputation corner and then write on a piece of paper, the name of the awful co-worker and also write – so and so will respect and leave me alone plus stop bad mouthing me.  This is said to have helped other, so I am hoping it would help her and those who are facing the same problem.

November 20

Feng Shui Postcards For Christmas

I wanted to do something different this year for Christmas, so I decided to print some feng shui postcards to send to friends and family from Asia and around the world.  But I don’t want to spend too much or over my budget, so I looked for some  cheap postcard printing  to do the printing for me.

I was pretty lucky to have found a place online to do it for me and cheaply too, so my postcards are sent out for the year and it was sure a lot cheaper this year on postage!

November 15

Feng Shui For Good Business During Christmas

Christmas season should be the busiest for us and this year, it seems to be starting a wee bit slow, therefore, I’m seeking out Feng Shui to help with the flow of good energy to bring in more business than it did last year.

Last year, we did very well on the business front as well as the home front but this year having one less employee means we have to work harder to show ourselves that we can do it ourselves.  I cleared as much clutter as positive and cleaned every thing out and placed everything properly in the business and threw away bad Christmas lights as well as Christmas decoration that we don’t use no more.   I also make sure that everything was lighted up and that all the decoration looks nice and bright.

I’m going to wipe down all the furniture and cabinets with sea salt water – to help take away the bad chi in the store – now lets hope this will help bring in more positive energy into the store and kill the bad ones.

November 5

The Universe Vs You

The other day I saw someone posted this on Facebook and thought about it a little.  I guessed it was trying to tell everyone that we all want a smooth road ahead of us – and our future but the universe sometimes has other plans for us.

But it’s all about how you deal with situations and things that might go wrong in your life.  Well, I’m sometimes worried about my life because everything seems to be going so well for me, I’m afraid that one day – the universe might go against me and my good fortune and take away stuff from me and make my life difficult for me.  But wait a minute – that’s not true – it’s not all smooth sailing for me – just last week the car broke down and the garage can’t fix my car because he was out hunting and then the parts that was needed to be changed had to be ordered so I had to wait another day for my car.

But no worries, because I got someone to loan me a car and got another friend to bring my kid to school and it really didn’t bother me that much, I was just happy that the car wasn’t totally towed and it didn’t cost me too much to get it fixed.

And a day ago, the car started to act up again, and I’m just happy that it is still running and even though, it’s the weekend and the garage ain’t open, I’m just happy that it’s still moving and will wait till after the weekend to get it checked out.

Now if this had happened to someone else, of course, the person might swear on Facebook and probably say stuff like (FML)  and so forth and so forth – well, you get the idea.  But nope, your life is in your end, whether the universe is against you or not, you can view it in a positive way and move on with your life.  It’s all about you and your perspective.