October 22

Feng Shui Jewelry For Students

A girlfriend of mine had called to ask if there were any feng shui jewelry that a student can and cannot wear.  Or if there were jewelry for a student to wear to help with their studies?  Well, I know of some folks who wear their  high school class rings  all the time and some of these class rings are said to bring a sense of accomplishment to the students.

While others loved to wear something like the feng shui coin bracelet to bring in money and good luck to them.  I know that there is nothing wrong wearing or buying a class ring.  Like I said before, feng shui is no magic and if your child feels like a high school class ring can bring some sort of inner strength and belonging, sure go ahead and buy it.

October 15

Feng Shui For More Business

Folks from the neighboring stores asked me all the time how they can use Feng Shui to bring in more business.  It’s not a weird question at all, who doesn’t want their businesses to flourish right?  so here are some of my tips – first of all, you have to have a positive energy in your store.  What does it mean to have a positive energy I hear you asking?  Well, your store should be bright, welcoming, smells good and of course a smile on everyone in the store would be essential as well.   So there, start with that first and see what these positive energy can bring you.

October 4

Good Feng Shui For New Business

So the neighbor is opening his own garage/motorshop and the first thing he asked for is how to get good feng shui for his new business. So I advised him to look for a cpa firm  first and then the rest will all come in time.

Like I’ve said many a times, many people think that Feng Shui is magic but it’s not and there is no miracle solution for anything in life.  Feng Shui is combining a lot of common sense and making everything flow accordingly.  In any new business, money matters is the most important, so what best advise to give but to find a really good CPA firm because they are the ones who can give you the best advice and look out for you.

Of course, having said that, one can always make things better for his new store, like basic things such as making the garage/motorshop presentable as well and welcoming.  Making sure that it doesn’t smell bad and turn customers off and also to put visible signs so that potential customers will come in or know where they are.  So there you have it, if you are opening a new business, follow some simple rules and everything will be good for you and your business.

October 1

Using Feng Shui For Gossipers

Been bothered by  a lot of gossipers of late?  no worries, you can use feng shui to help you.  When people gossips about you, it is most likely that they are jealous about you or yours, so if you are sitting in the south side of your office, try to move, if you cannot then get a crystal ball and have it sit on your desk, this will help smooth things and people are less likely to be jealous of you.  It would also help if you get better friends once you’ve identified your gossipers.