September 11

Best Business Move For Good Business Feng Shui

 I was invited to a friend’s office opening, you see he started a security company in town and moved to another town for a new office.  The town wasn’t too far away from the old town that he was in but nevertheless it was a great decision because rent was low and the town was booming.  I noticed all the advanced technology he is using in his new office and was very impressed that he has the    ESET security license  for his servers in his office.  I figured since his clients/customers expects a certain level of security  information, it is only right to make this investment.  Once his clients knows about this secure server, they too will be impressed.  I’m sure he will do good with his new company.

September 5

Using Feng Shui To Fix Bad Vibes From Neighbor

A co-worker asked me today how he can fix the bad vibes between his neighbor and himself because his neighbor turned on him overnight and is determined to make life at home as difficult as possible for him.

Not exactly a surprising statement from some people because some neighbors can be really a pain, I’ve had one of those many years ago and good thing I moved away and even when we do meet each other in a public area, the family still taunts mine *shake head*.  But yes, there are such people around, so you are not the only person facing such issues.

So what you one do when you do have someone around your neighborhood like that?  well, there are a few feng shui things that you can try to make the bad energy turn into a good energy for you or remain calm for you and your family.  The one that I most recommend and use myself is the “bagua mirror”.  Why?  well, the bagua mirror is supposed to be a reflective mirror to shoot back the bad energy where it came from.  Another very popular cure is a large wind chime in between both houses.  Feng Shui is not magic, so don’t expect it to work overnight but you can be sure that some feng shui can be really powerful.