August 25

Tormented By Bazi

Charting one’s Bazi is great but do not be a tormentor of your own Bazi, that’s what I learned from the feng shui expert and that’s true.  Some people can be such a die hard about what they learned and they become their own worst enemy.  Don’t be that tormentor in your head and  punish yourself constantly.

Creating awareness is what one must do to change.  Don’t make your own voice your worst enemy.  You can be in control if you want, you just need to be aware that you can do it.

August 20

Music Ambiance In Restaurant

Music in any restaurant is very important , if you are in a Hard Rock Cafe, you are definitely going to be entertained by some loud heavy metal music in its background.  But what about eateries that are not into the hipped or theme style, then what kind of music is suitable?  No elevator music of course please but a friend had told me about the  great zoom g5 at musician’s friend  that one can make their own music for their own restaurants. And he knows that for the ambiance of a restaurant or if the owners wanted a successful restaurant, then he or she  would most likely invest in something like that and do their own recording. I don’t blame them, as not only the ambiance of a restaurant is important, every buisness establishment needs some kinda of music to make their clients feel welcome.

August 15

Doing Nothing

Einstein once observed, “Nothing happens until something moves.”

Isn’t this true in life.  When you tell yourself or people that you want a change in your life but do nothing about it then nothing is going to happen.  If you want to make a change in your life or your business, you have to make a move.  Doing nothing is not an option.