July 30

Music Serenity For Feng Shui

We all know that music plays a very important part in our life be it feng shui or not.  A friend who bought a  classic hammond sk1 at musicians friend for her son found that the organ music was the only thing that can relax her son and decided to put the organ in his room.

Unfortunately, the organ was quite distracting for her son and because of space constraint, he had decided to stop playing the organ altogether.  So my friend in order to encourage her son to continue finding peace and serenity in his life decided that she should move her study/work room and give some space for his music interest that her son had.

So what was wrong with having the organ in the son’s room I hear you asking?  too enthusiastic the mother was I would say.  Children don’t like to be pressured into performing from what I know but moving it into a study room or a leisure room or leaving it there would be more appropriate.  So after moving the organ, and by not making a big deal over it, my friend’s son played the organ again when he was ready to.

July 28

Knowing Oneself In Feng Shui

A wise man said that knowing oneself is the beginning of all wisdom and that is so true in life – don’t you think?  Likewise, in feng shui Bazi is only a tool don’t treat it like a bible only but one has to learn it and then use it to your best advantage.

I’ve always pride myself, for knowing my strength and my weaknesses but sometimes, I am so stubborn even though I know that these are my weaknesses I still fall pry to it.  So no one to blame when I am hurt and feel upset about it when something fails.

July 25

Sleep Deprived Solutions


As a mom and working only part-time helping out with the spouse’s business, I can imagine how many women out there who are just as sleep deprived as I am.  So when a girlfriend called me up the other day and asked me about a solution to her many bad nights and wanted some remedy or feng shui to try and make sleep a lot more relaxing for them, I recommended the  body pillows  and I swear by it.  I never leave home without it even when I’m traveling on business or vacations because even when on vacation, I need to have my body pillows so that I can get a good night’s rest.

A body pillow unlike a child’s bolster is huge and lets you hug onto something for security and comfort purpose, in my humble opinion.  I always sleep so much better with my body pillows and my daughter is the same as I am now.  So besides recommending no electronics in the room and not even a radio, some body pillows is the way to go especially for those who are pregnant.  You see you don’t need a miracle with feng shui to get something done, some common sense is all you need.

July 1

Business Action

In our almost 14 years of business, we’ve tried a lot of things and one of the biggest mistakes that we’ve made thus far is to listen to what one customers want and try to please them.  You know you can’t please everyone and the best thing one can do when you are in business is to do it the way you think is right not the way the customers wants it.  What works for you best is what will work eventually in the long run.

For example, customer comes in and tells us they want a movie bad – so we run out and order the movie for like $35.  Customer never came back to rent it at all – and the only person who rented it rented it once.  So we lost like $33 on the movie – because no one rented it nor wants to buy it.  Lesson to be learned her is not to rush out and do what others are doing.

The town that I’m currently in is a town whereby people wants a piece of whatever candy or cake you are selling.  Many years ago, we were the only ones selling fireworks but the other video stores decided that they too can make some money doing that.  So in the end – even the dollar stores were selling fireworks and so were the bigger stores.  In the end – the cake is no longer sweet – we gave up in selling fireworks because no one wants to buy fireworks for $5 when they can get it for $1.  Moral of the story, you don’t have to do what others are doing.