June 25

Life May Not Be Fair

No Life is not always fair but there is no reason to die because you are going thru’ some stuff or never be happy again because you broke off with your boyfriend or your girlfriend.  Life is and can still be good.

I’ve been helping a g/f for a year now, since her spouse left her but she is still constantly stressed and constantly in turmoil, you would think that after 2 years, she would have moved on but nope, she is still trying to but she is holding on to her past with the spouse with her dear life.

On one hand she still wished for things to go back to the same but on the other, she wants to try a new relationship but fears that it may end up the same as her last.  Tormenting herself is the least she is doing to herself and to those who cherish her and wants to help her.  I just hope that she can focus on what is good going around her instead of the bad.

With positive Nobleman Stars and Resource Stars in our BaZi charts we may come across many helpful people in our lives. But without gratitude we will not be able to truly achieve happiness and success, even with their help. Gratitude shifts your focus from what your life lacks to the abundance that is already present.

June 20

Good Feng Shui Relationship

One often wonder what a good relationship is.  A girlfriend of mine who never fought with her spouse for the last 10 years of their marriage, found her spouse cheating on her and she never even knew it was coming.  She said that she was always in control of the relationship and the spouse always agree with her on everything and anything to make her happy.  So how did the relationship go so bad and so quickly that it was a no return situation?

Well, this is what I’ve learned about relationships throughout the years I’ve been with my spouse and that is arguing with the spouse isn’t a bad thing at all.   Why?  I hear you asking.  Doesn’t arguing and fighting all the time causes bad feng shui and discord in the family?  Yes and no – because if arguing and fighting makes you understand each other better, it would definitely make the relationship a better one?  no?  Resolving problems and stop acting childish is the way to go.  But definitely don’t fight and argue if there is no reason to.

June 13

Old Buildings & Renovation

 Renovating old buildings can be a tough job but when one is doing the renovations, one has to make sure that you don’t disrupt the good feng shui and be able to do away or rectify the bad feng shui.  So with  stainless steel clamping handles  the spouse and his friends attempted to fix many things around the old houses that we had purchased and renting them out as investment properties.  But I want to make sure that the investment is good by making sure that the feng shui around the house and its properties are aligned with good chi.

P/S :  btw, we also started renovating on a “good” day picked by the feng shui master.

June 8

This Too Shall Pass

In life there are ups and downs – and sometimes the downs seems to be never ending, I know how that must feel because a friend of mine seems to be having never ending of bad luck.  I got a little worried for her because if it wasn’t this broken at home, it was her car broken and even stuff that I had loan to her to try to help her by got broken.  It was like a never-ending story for her – and I too worried that her bad luck may pass to me and my family.

But yes, this too will pass and the reason why the bad luck seems to stay with her was because she wouldn’t let go and as long as she wouldn’t let go, she will be stuck in the same place.  Embracing what you are going thru’ and enjoying or try to make the best out of it are the most fundamental principles in life.   It is not easy, but all this shall pass if you let it pass – in the meantime, enjoy the rain – and dance a little.

June 4

Lights For Good Business Feng Shui

Christmas had been over for 6 months now but my white christmas lights  are still on display in the window display of our store and I also have some blinking colored christmas lights as well.  Many customers would teased and tell me that Christmas is over and that I should take it down.  Now what they don’t know is that I used these Christmas lights for Feng Shui reasons.  The blinking Christmas lights are to continue to attract the good chi into our store – thus giving us more business and more money.  So for those out there – who has a business – that they owned – you can try using blinking Christmas lights all year round – don’t worry about what people may think – as long as they are attractive and attracts your customers – why not?

June 1

Feng Shui & Love Potions

It is very funny when I read this on Joey Yap’s FB page and yes, many people think that Feng Shui is some sort of magic but it isn’t.  It’s no magic nor is it any bomoh or some witch craft at work.  No matter how much you offer a feng shui master, he or she cannot make the other person fall in love with you.  But it can most certainly help you become a person to be loved and the rest is up to the other person. Sometimes, nature needs to take it course eh.