May 17

Procrastination & Success

Sometimes people want success in their life and wonder why they are not successful in anything they do.  Sometimes, they wonder too why their friends have everything and why is it so easy for their friends and then they want to turn to feng shui to better their lives, thinking that Feng Shui after applying it will work wonders in their life. *sigh* but you and I know that it doesn’t work that way.

Think about it – if it was so easy – everyone would be applying Feng Shui into their lives and then sit and wait for something to happen or something positive to happen in their lives.  So examine yourself first – are you not getting anywhere in life because of yourself or because of circumstances.  Both areas can be tackled and handled considerably quickly if only you stop procrastinating and move ahead and do it.  Never venture never gain – that’s what the saying goes.

So if you want changes in your life – if you want the life that your friend next to you is enjoying or celebrating – stop procrastinating and start pin-pointing at what needs to be done – to get where your neighbor, sister or brothers are at.  Procrastinating is most people’s downfall, I say stop being scared of everything and start working towards your future – your future is in your hands.

May 14

Pets & Feng Shui

I’ve touched on Pets and Feng Shui before but this time I specifically want to touch on dogs and feng shui.  It’s is said that dogs are the best companions for anyone especially those with special needs but a friend who recently adopted a dog because her spouse left her asked if the dog was too much work or too active for her house.  Plus she didn’t know exactly how to control the dog, so she said and was worried that the dog might disturb the neighbors.   So I told her that the solution for noise control and worrying that the dog may run to someone else’s yard is very simple = a  border patrol tc1  can be bought online and you don’t have to worry about your dog crossing the fence.

As for Feng shui and dogs at home, I say that feng shui do not think that having animals home is a bad idea.  Not cleaning up after your dogs and cats – now that is the biggest problem.  So I urge those who have pets, please make sure that you clean your home regularly else how can one live happily in a dog hair infested home.

May 10

Thinking About Life Thru’ Feng Shui

Practicing Feng Shui in your life doesn’t means that everything is going to go right for you.  Practicing Feng Shui in your life doesn’t means that everyone is going to like you.  Practicing Feng Shui in your life doesn’t mean that you are going to be a billionaire.  So why practice Feng Shui I hear you asking?  very true – so why do I practice Feng Shui?

I practice and include Feng Shui in my everyday life – to make the best out of my life and my surroundings.  I practice Feng Shui because i believe in churning good energy into my life and making the best use of these good qi and doing away with bad ones.  I practice Feng Shui because I believed that my surroundings can and will affect my well-being but I practice Feng Shui not thinking it’s a miraculous method.

May 7

Good Feng Shui For Your Backyard

My girlfriend’s backyard looked like this before she had children, now that she has 2, she wanted to turn her backyard into a more family oriented area not only for her children but for herself and entertaining other mothers like her in the neighborhood.   But like any person practicing feng shui, we don’t want to destroy the good feng shui we already have in and around the house.  So what do one do?  besides making sure we put in swing sets virginia beach  in the backyard?

Well, basically, it isn’t that hard to make sure you don’t destroy your present feng shui, I think anyway.  Besides cleaning up the shrubs and the mess in your backyard, make sure you know where you want certain things to be and of course, don’t dig or chop down anything significant in your backyard like a huge tree that gives you shade or can rope in a hammock for relaxation.  If I had the money, I would hire someone to build a tree house or the right type of playground for my kids too – according to their ages.

May 1

Used Appliances For Feng Shui

Someone asked me about the bad feng shui for buying used appliances and furniture and claimed that he is worried about buying something that may bring misfortune or bad fortune.  So is there such a thing as bad feng shui or are they just superstitions?

Truth be told I don’t know either – it shouldn’t cause bad feng shui but I figured that if you bought something from a dead person’s house – you properly should give it a good wipe with sea salt and think of good thoughts, so that all bad chi can be cleared away?  This is what I do with all the used furniture and shelving that we had bought for our store.

But rumors has it that if the furniture or appliances comes from a broken home – like a family who just got split or someone who passed away, there are lingering bad vibes or chi on the furniture/appliances.  So in order to rid them – you have to either burn incense or wipe them down.  I don’t know how true it is – but that is what i do every time i get some used shelving.  It doesn’t take a lot of time nor cost  alot of money – so why not right?