April 25

Your Future With Feng Shui

A girlfriend had been struggling with her marriage for more than a year.  It’s a let go or not to let go kinda situation, in the meantime, she is miserable as hell.  She don’t know what to expect tomorrow, next week or next month.  In my humble opinion, I feel that if things are not working out no matter what you’ve tried then it is time to let go and move on.

Unfortunately, because they’ve been together for so long, she feels that she would have wasted her time, if she had to start all over again.  So she wants to know if she can use feng shui to help her decide.  In which I told her – that her future is in her own hands – and no amount of feng shui can help her make the right decision – it has to be a conscious decision and then she can work towards her future.  What say you?

April 9

Feng Shui For Job Advancement

Everyone whom I have met tells me all the time that they want to be at the peak of their career, is there any magic formula for it – they always quizzed me.  It’s funny how many still think that Feng Shui is some kind of magic – but I don’t blame them for it is a misconception.  While I practice feng shui for a better lifestyle, you and I know that Feng Shui is about practicality.  If you want to advance your career, you not only have to make sure that you are seen and visible by your bosses and work hard, you also need to make sure that they know that you are working hard.

For example, if you were sent overseas for an assignment, make sure you thank your boss by buying him some  cigar boxes  if you know that he loves them.  Don’t go buying him a vase or a piece of jade because what use is it?  but then if you have a lady boss, that’s a different story altogether.  Feng Shui is about common sense, been disciplined in your job and showing results is what that would get you job advancement, not by placing some lions figure or a bowl of gold fish – remember enhancing your surroundings is great but if you are a lazy person, you won’t get too far.