March 28

Feng Shui & Good Person

Folks asked me all the time if feng shui can make a person become a better person – and I found this picture a really apt picture for those who have this question.  Feng Shui do not make a person a better person, just like a person who goes to church and believed in religion – that doesn’t make that person a good person.  A good person is defined as a person who is willing to help others despite the fact that they don’t have time or money themselves.  A selfless person is a good person, but how many of us can be a selfless person.  Like Mother Teresa, she was a selfless person – so if you want to be a good person, go out and help others.

March 23

Follow Me Feng Shui

Yes, i called it the follow me feng shui – why? because I hear people giving advise to other people about how it is done in their homes and in their offices but little do they know that not everyone’s home and office are build the same, so be careful what kind of advice you dish out for people and what kind of advice you listen to.

But don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that your friends and families intentions are good but Feng Shui is not as easy as its seems and it takes a lot of looking into and studying before you can dish out advice.

March 15

Feng Shui Struture For A Home

There was much debate on the internet of a famous feng shui master – when he asked if this was a good feng shui for a home.  It was really interesting to read all the replies and everyone of them had a pretty good knowledge about feng shui and some said that this was a photos-hoped picture and if it was true – they still had some opinion about it.

When you practice feng shui as much as I do – and try to make the best of your surroundings to give you the best outcome in life – as much as possible, you too will know that this may not be the best feng shui for a home.  Even though it looks really unique – it would be really scarey to live in this place don’t you think?  so what do you think?  is it good feng shui for you and your family to live here?