February 20

Lucky Or Talented Or Is It All About Feng Shui?

Do you really believed that a person has all the good luck therefore, he or she is rich or famous?  Or that that person is just born lucky? when you see that – that person seems to be succeeding in everything he touches?

Someone told me that luck had little to do with success – and that a person needs to see the opportunity and grab it immediately.  But how would one know that this is a good opportunity?  now that is a talent to see – a gift?  perhaps not so much a gift – more practice and hard work than anything else.  So if you think that a person is lucky and has everything falling on his/her lap – I don’t think so.  You’ve heard how some actresses become famous right?  in truth – they too try to make opportunity and meet the right people at the right time – therefore, they become superstars – while others are just normal actors and actresses.  Capitalizing an opportunity = good luck.

February 16

Feng Shui For College Students

Like any parents, we are all very concern about our child’s well being especially school/colleges, so we want to know if there is anything one can do for our kids – so that they will excel in their studies and i don’t blame parents for wanting some magic potion for it.   Besides finding where one sell college textbooks and getting them the best textbooks and revision books, one must also make sure that your kids gets the best nutrition as well as space.  It’s good to push your kids to excel but I find that giving them some space is also important.  The best feng shui for students is to make sure that the room that he or she sleeps in or works in – is airy and comfortable and preferably with some greens.   And the rest is up to the kids – give them pep talks every now and then but also give them space.

February 10

Feng Shui For The Snake Year

So for the year of the Snake – what is install for you – you want to know and how can one benefit from activating your wealth star and receiving the wealth God.  This is the question that everyone had been asking for days it seems.

Well, traditionally, people will have a praying ceremony to receive the wealth star and wealth God.  I remembered when I was young, how my grandparents used to put up a lot of food on a table and pray to the heavens and everyone in the family had to be at the auspicious position to receive the wealth God.

So the God of Wealth and the God of Nobility are real stars and not a deity i learned today.   Some very easy steps to activate and received the God of Wealth are just opening a window at that sector of your house really wide at that hour and day or you can even move furniture to re-arrange them if you don’t have a window.  Alternatively, you can turn on an electric fan to tap into the chi.