January 22

To Keep Balance In Feng Shui

Some said to me the other that that Life is like riding a bicycle, and to keep one’s balance one must keep moving.  So to keep the balance of feng shui for anyone – or to reach one’s greatest potential, one cannot stand still and do nothing – one must move forward, one must grow.  And to disover one’s purpose in life, one need to grow in self – awareness and to be a better human, one need to grow in character.   Very true right?  to grow in character – but how does one grow in character – what do you mean to grow in character?

January 9

Protect Your Wealth


People talk a lot about how they can get more more or make themselves more wealthy everytime they talked about Feng Shui but has anyone thought about protecting their wealth – what they already have?  Yes, people can be very weird  and most people I want to tell them to appreciate the things they already have and yes, what about protecting your wealth, your health and your well-being.  Common sense would dictate that everyone gets a rfid credit card  because of advance technology that allows criminals to steal your identity, your credit card numbers and anything else that they can grab their hands on.   So when people ask me how they can make more money or bring in more money, I tell them to protect what they already have – and then they can go on looking for more.  Don’t you think so?

January 5

Let Talk Trash For Feng Shui

Unlike in the East, trash are not collected on a daily basis, in fact, trash trash – gets collected every 2 weeks and every other week it’s compost.  Yes, there is a difference, so storage of garbage or compost needs to be done properly and you cannot just leave your garbage or compost outdoors before your day of picking up because the cats and dogs and racoons may get into it – now that would be a real disaster having to pick up garbage one by one on the street and you don’t want that either – because that would be really bad feng shui.

So what do the Chinese immigrant like myself do when they are living in the West?  good question right?  so you people in the East – don’t complain so much about garbage smell – count your blessings.  Do we put the trash bin right in front of the house or besides or where?  I was abit worried too – because I want a good flow coming into my house – would having a trash bin similar to the above – right in front of my yard block the good chi from coming into my house?  I had been debating and doing a lot of research of late.

Anyhow, this was what i found.  We all need a garbage can or a garbage bin in or outside the house – in my case, it’s out of the house for the trash day pick up.  So where is the right place?  as long as it doesn’t block the view of the house and it’s kept clean and neat at all times, then it should be good.  So in other words as long as it is not an eye sore – you are good to go.