December 12

Holiday Feng Shui Gifts

Friends asked me all the time what they should get for me for Christmas because they know that i practice feng shui and believed in it.   And I appreciate that they want to get me something that I would appreciate and on the other hand I would loved to give everyone of them a feng shui gift too – like a picture of 1000 “fook”  meaning good luck.  But if you cannot get the picture of 1000 *fook* then this one is just as good. This one is energizing and calming and it’s excellent feng shui for anyone or any home.

December 12

Apply The Pa Kua For Good Health

The Pa Kua can be quite daunting to a lot of people, I am one who finds it hard to apply the Pa Kua too but for those who want to tap into their health benefits, I was told that you have to discover the direction that best aligns with your health luck.  Of course, there is a compass formula and if you look it up, you will know how to – or attend a class for it.  Using your birthday and your gender, you can figure out how to tap into your health energy.


December 11

Finding The Perfect Job Thru’ Feng Shui

So you want to find the perfect job thru’ feng shui – but what is your perfect job – you asked yourself because feng shui isn’t magic.  If you want to find the perfect job, then you have to find something that you loved and you have to find something that you want to do for a long time.  If you loved to travel – then you should either join the airlines. And for those who loved to go on cruises – they should apply for a job with  a cruise ship .  First identify what you want to do for a long time – and then go do it – Feng Shui isn’t magic – action will get you further.


December 8

Designing An Office With Money Coming In

Being a small business owner, I can understand why some people are paranoid when they need to move or renovate their office.  Like many who knows about feng shui, they want their office or business to bring in the money, so the next thing to do is to design an office or a business with the money coming in and not going out.

But how do one do that?  now that’s a great question especially, if you don’t have the resource of a feng shui master nearby.  How easy is it and how important is it to have a good feng shui office depends on how successful you want to be I guess.

According to what I understand, choosing a building that has the correct kua with the boss of the company is very important, and by doing that the business will thrive and it will bring in opportunity as well as growth in the business.   It is important to use the Kua formulation properly to find out the kua number of the boss before doing any renovation.

After finding out the kua number, you have to find out the wealth spot of the building or business/office. Once you find out where the wealth spot is – then you can activate the wealth spot by putting in a water feature on the wealth spot.  Bring your business to a higher level by following the 2 steps. Good luck!

December 6

Best Feng Shui For This Christmas

My home is a mess – from organizing a birthday party for the kid and getting work done at the basement – wood stove put in and of course – there is the Christmas decoration I have to put up really soon too.  Glad that we have carpet cleaners raleigh nc  for most of the major cleaning up for the carpets in the basement – because the workmen were going in and out with their boots and I cannot have the house dirty before my Christmas party.   So yes, the best feng shui for your Christmas is to declutter and have a clean home – nothing else is more important than that.  And don’t forget to start the new year with a clean floor and clean everything at home for the best feng shui.

December 1

Feng Shui & Your Cubicle Office

So you are in a cubicle for an office – you freak out and you think it’s bad feng shui for your career, what do you do?  I’ve heard this many a times and people used to blame their cubicle for not advancing in their career. So what can one do – by using feng shui to cure that unfortunately space?  Well, if you plan carefully, you will see improvement to your work situation really quick and I’ve seen it work for a few friends – so there, proven theory that feng shui does help.

I know that your cubicle is small but if you can move your desk where you can see the entrance instead of having your back face the entrance that would be the first move.  Now if you can’t – don’t fret just yet – there are other things that you can try.  So you can’t move your desk – but you can place a 8 x 10 mirror in front of you, so that you can see who is coming up behind you.   Using your computer monitor for a reflection is just not good enough – so don’t be cheap now – and get a proper mirror.

Another tip you can try is bringing in some live plants but they have to be odd numbers – the bigger the better but don’t go being over-zealous about it.  I also hear that placing a water fountain near the entrance of the cubicle but if you cannot have that – you can place a picture of a waterfall  – the bigger the better.  So there – feng shui your cubicle this way and see if it helps.