November 18

Feng Shui Forward

Many times in our life, we faced disappointment, it can be because of work or like a close friend who lost her spouse.  May not be what she had expected for her future but if she kept looking at her past and wallow at it, she isn’t going to move ahead and no matter what kind of feng shui she tries, it will not help her.  The best advice one can give to someone in this state of mind is to move forward and to let go of her past.  Harder to be done than say – that’s of course but if  you put your mind to it – nothing is impossible – one will see how much strength one has if they are determined enough to start a new life.

November 16

Feng Shui For Bathrooms

So the girlfriend wants to renovate her bathroom in her basement and put in a new  jetted clawfoot tub  and wants my opinion about it.   She is afraid that if she use the wrong things in her bathroom, the feng shui of the entire house may not be good.  But you and I know that bathrooms are one of the places we need to be in everyday – so I suggested that the bathroom needs to have good light and since it is a basement bathroom, there will be no open windows   – therefore good light flow is very important for the bathroom in the basement.  Having some greens in your bathroom is also good and as for the tub, it shouldn’t affect the feng shui of the house as long as you keep the bathroom door closed at all times

November 6

Absolute Certain Decisions In Feng Shui

People asked me all the time if Feng Shui can help them make the right decision and I keep reminding them that Feng Shui isn’t magic – nor is it some spell, it’s a matter of understanding oneself and the situation you are in.  Should I or should I not – if you keep asking such a question, then you are not going to go anywhere with all these questions. There is no right or wrong decisions in Fengshui because even the right decision can turn out to be a wrong one.

But don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean that you cannot make any decision – it only means that don’t let your fear of making only the right decision hold you back.  Risk taking is part of life and if you fail – so what you stand up again and start all over.   Don’t be like my mom, insisting in not doing anything out of the ordinary.


November 2

Fix The Broken For Good Feng Shui

Children loves playing with roller chairs and ours are not any different, but you and I know that broken stuff are not good for feng shui – so our home and store has extra  casters and wheels  just because.  And the one in the store needs to be fixed too and I have been telling the spouse to go fix it before someone falls and hurt themselves.   Plus like I said – broken stuff are not good for feng shui because it brings bad chi to the house and home.  So if you are like us and have younger kids, you know you will have broken study chairs often, so get yourself some casters and wheels for safe keeping and learn how to fix it.  I might have no choice but to take up a course or have someone show me how to fix those broken chairls.

November 1

Cluttered Space is a Cluttered Mind

Can you imagine anyone living like that ?  you would think not but you would be surprised that a lot of people do lived like this and they don’t mind it either.  I suspect that if my spouse didn’t marry me – he would probably lived like that too – well not as bad but something like that.  He is definitely not a neat person and in fact, I think I’ve picked up his bad habit and my desk and my space seems quite cluttered these days too.  Don’t let having kids and work be the excuse of having cluttered space because in feng shui a cluttered space is a cluttered mind.  How can anyone think properly if your space is so cluttered.

In Feng Shui if your home or work place is cluttered – you won’t be able to move forward nor will you be able to advance in your career and anywhere in your personal life – and this is not what you want right?  If you don’t make room for new things to come in your life – then your life can’t improve either. Clutter means you are putting off doing what you have to do today and if you want to move backwards in life instead of forward than go ahead and live in clutter.  I know of some friends whom I can never tell to clean up their clutter and truth be told – their live is stagnant and they never improve in any aspect of their life.

So folks if you have clutter in anywhere in your life – unclutter right now – not tomorrow – not tonite – but right now – you will feel so good after doing that I promised you.