October 30

Gift For The Feng Shui Master

A group of ladies from Nova Scotia invited a feng shui master from halifax to come look at our homes and give us tips on our feng shui as one of the ladies bought a new home.  It was a pretty good session and we took it upon ourselves to buy a gift for the feng shui master whom we know loves  perdomo cigars  , well any good kind of cigars as he puts it.  Of course, there is a fee to pay for inviting the feng shui master to Nova Scotia but because we wanted to show him how grateful we were that he came at such short notice and charging us a special price, we decided that it would be nice to get him something extra. I don’t know if it is the usual practice for other people but the ladies around here are very generous to the feng shui master but he is really good at what he does and it was money well spent.


October 28

Choosing The Right Piece Of Land

The Chinese believe that if you buy a piece of land – whether for living in or for working in – or even to bury your ancestors – the land needs to be in a good feng shui land.  Looking at the diagram above, this is what the good feng shui land looks like, but how many of us can find a land like this ?  “Fung Shan Sui Hei”  I guess that’s what it means.  In Asia where land is so scarce – where can you find a big land with green dragon, white tiger and a turtle behind you.  Even here in Canada – it’s hard to find – so yes, no wonder they say that land like this is a good piece of land.  So folks, if you want to be successful, rich or famous, don’t forget to look for the undulating land.

October 20

Feng Shui For A Richer Life

To most people a richer life probably means more money but seriously can money buy everything. Nope not everything but not having money is not a good thing either – I can assure you but there are definitely more important things in life than just money.

So first thing first – how do one live or attain a richer life?  first I would de-clutter, not only my home, my office but everywhere that needs de-cluttering – even my car. After doing that – I can put down my perspective in paper and the goals I want to achieve for the next few months.   I also need to make sure that the place that i work in – I have to re-position my seat – so that I’m sitting in a more powerful position.  And at the back of my seat – I’m putting the picture of my Prime Minister from home behind me – not a small picture mind you – a huge one (for backing purpose). And on my desk – I will place something that is motivating to me – be it a picture of my kid or family or a money plant – anything that you find good in your life or you want to attain.

A richer life for me means good health for me and my family, harmony with family, friends and people I need to deal with for work.  Some money would be nice but all these would come when I have peace, good health and family and friends – that’s my humble opinion.  So go with the feng shui flow – meaning more energy to better everything.

October 11

For Couples Going Thru’ Rough Patches

Most couples go thru’ rough patches every now and then – and if you are – I’ve heard that by displaying this sedan chair with double happiness on it can help to smooth things out.  Place this enhancer in the southwest part of your bedroom and see if it works for you.

Having said that this is also a perfect gift for a newly wed because the wedding sedan chair is said to bring happiness and togetherness to a newly wed couple.  The double happiness is to keep the couple true to each other.

October 9

Soulful Jewelry For Feng Shui

Every woman loves jewelry but some woman loves the big kind of jewelry or the loud type but I loved the soulful jewelry like the ones from  barbara conner  .  Why?  I find that garish jewelry do not work well with most people because it’s too much to show off if you know what I mean.  As for soulful jewelry like the ones by Barbara Conner, you can wear it for just about any occasion from work to an evening of cocktail.  And since they are reasonably priced I think I can afford to buy a few to mix and match with the occasion.  So remember, what you wear is important too, i recommend soulful jewelry for most people because they are less offensive and everyone can carry it so well.