September 25

Bring Out The Best Feng Shui During Renovation

A lot of renovation work is done during the fall because we are all preparing to welcome Christmas and the new year and to wrap things up.  Before you find the  best selection of basement flooring  make sure you use this renovation to bring out the best feng shui for you and your family. Of course, beside consulting your regular feng shui master, you also have to make sure you listen and compromise with your contractor and like I said in feng shui – a lot of everything talks about practicality.  Say for example if you have a very humid basement, it is best to use a certain kind of basement flooring instead of another – therefore the expertise of a basement flooring expert is required.  So before you renovate, sit down and check with both your contractors and anyone involved before doing it.

September 23

Joey Yap In London, UK

Preparing for the Year of the Water Snake in 2013, Joey Yap will be in London in October.  So those of you who are living in London – I strongly suggest that you go for his seminar.   This is a 1 day seminar and it teaches you how to from now till end of Sept – it will only cost you GBP 47 and afterwhich – GBP 88.   It’s held at the  Ocean Suite,  The Cumberland Hotel,  Great Cumberland Place,  London W1H 7DL,
UK.  Don’t miss it now.

September 18

best feng shui for your home

The best feng shui for anyone’s home is to make sure that you have all your home electronics in good working order and all bad food to be thrown out and all clutter to be uncluttered. If you have an old appliance that needs repairing, please go get the appliance replacement parts to repair it yourself or get someone to repair it or just throw it out or give it to charity instead of having it sit in the basement and wait for it to rot. I tell my spouse all the time to make good use of his time and get stuff repaired and not make excuses. I know that his free time is important to him but don’t you think that getting those out of the way would make sense? or if you have no time to repair it – I’m all for giving it away for free instead of cluttering the basement. So no more excuses people the best feng shui for your home is get things repaired, replaced or removed.

September 15

Pets and Feng Shui For Home

Many people are not aware about how pets fits into their feng shui home and they wonder if they are not allowed to have pets if they are practicing feng shui.  You are not the first one to ask me this question – and here is the answer for you.  Pets are great for the feng shui of your home – but you and I know feng shui practices cleanliness and also decluttering – so having your dog or cat fur or dropping around your home is not a good idea.  But fret not – if you have pets or thinking of having pets at home, you have to make sure that your dogs are trained and your cats are not jumping all over your furniture and clawing the hell out of it and ripping everything off. In other words, make sure that your cat has a  cat bed  and your dogs have a proper sleeping place too.

Keep your pets out of your bedroom because your bedroom is for humans and for love making and cats and dogs are not the thing you want in your bedroom while you are sleeping or making love. Pets tend to make couples sleep separate from each other as they like to be the center of attention – so keep the pets out of your rooms if possible.  Make their beds as comfortable as possible for them that way they won’t want to go to your rooms.

Pets bring good energy into your home but please limit your pets in your home unless you have hundreds of servants to go after their hair and poop.

September 13

Co-workers and Feng Shui In The Office

So you want to have a good relationship with your co-workers – who doesn’t right?  you certainly don’t want to be back stabbed by your co-workers and you don’t want to be involved in any office politics right?  plus you also want to be liked by everyone in the office and you want to get ahead in the office – all these are what a working man or woman would want – so do I.

So if you are always a target to be gossiped about or if you are always taking the blame for someone in the office – this is what you have to do.  Display a rooster that has got a prominent beak – by doing so – it will peck away unwanted gossips and politics against you. Now if you are a woman – buy a Jade Cicada, wear it as a bracelet.  Hope you become the most likeable person in the office soon – or at least be less of a target.

September 10

Feng Shui Your Brand

I’ve been thinking a lot about putting our store’s brand onto t-shirt and make our employees and friends plus customers wear our brand.  But it’s also very important to make sure that we customize our t-shirts so that when someone is wearing it, it would bring good luck to our store.  It cannot be just a casual design and event the font on the t-shirt needs to be just right.  But what is the right way to do up the t-shirt in the right feng shui way – or is there a right feng shui way to design my logo and brand my store, so that it will bring me better business and more money?  I know that one can get  custom t-shirts at , now that’s the easy part but to make my brand feng shui friendly, I think I need to go ask someone about it before branding my t-shirts for I don’t want to make any mistake like I did many years ago and almost brought the downfall of the store.

September 5

If You Are Rich Feng Shui …..

I read with interest today from Joey Yap’s facebook – he mentioned that this was a beautiful design but for feng shui wise it is bad.  But if you are rich – it’s ok to keep this as a vacation home.  ??????  OKkkkkkk…! really?  so if you are rich bad feng shui wouldn’t affect you?  ok this is quite troubling for me – so for the filthy rich – even bad feng shui don’t matter?  or matters little?  or affects only little?  I’ve gotta hear what he has gotta say eh.

September 1

Feng Shui & Pregnant Woman

A friend’s wife who is currently pregnant for the first time asked me if they can feng shui their home for good health for both baby and mother because happy mommy has gestational  diabetes. She is a bit on the heavier side but not obese but being a first time father, he is a wee bit worried and I can fully understand it.  So while shopping with her for  plus size maternity clothes  , I suggested a few things they can try to enhance the wife’s health and also suggested that she sees a diabetic dietician.  Like I’ve said always, feng shui is a lot about practicality and there is no magic or voodoo around feng shui.  So they were happy with my suggestion, because keeping the house nice and bright and airy and clutter free is great for anyone and of course, seeing your gynecologist  monthly is more important.