August 20

Having A Water Dragon In Your Garden

I’m quite skeptical when people tell me that they want to have a water fountain in their garden.  I can understand why they want this Water Dragon in their garden because by designing a water dragon in one’s garden – I’ve heard that you can enjoy not only wealth but fame but wait a minute – before you go doing stuff to your garden – you really have to get a really good feng shui master to help you, if not then you will not be getting the right goodness that you want.

A good Water Dragon in your garden can bring you lots of good fortune but if you make a slight mistake, you may regret it forever.  I’ve heard of millionaires putting in Water Dragon and even though they don’t seems to be in great harm after doing it – they don’t seems to advance in their business due to a slight direction of the Water Dragon.  So be warned  – get a really good feng shui master to help if you are truly looking into it.


August 15

Good Health Thru’ Feng Shui

Everyone wants to know about having good health, good health for themselves, good health for their kids and good health for their grand kids but feng shui is about practicality like I tell everyone.  It’s no magic, it’s common sense.  Besides wanting good health I say a good health insurance or a life insurance is also very important but where to find a good life insurance company or one with  no medical life insurance everyone asked when they come and ask me about feng shui for good health. And of course, I show them where they can get insured and also a few tips – on feng shuiing for good health, which to me is a lot of common sense, like keeping everything in order, de-cluttering and keeping healthy by doing exercises and eating well and of course also have a sense of humor – all these leads to good health.  So good luck !

August 11

Art & Feng Shui

I’ve always known that mountains are good for feng shui and if put in the right places can bring the store or business plenty of good luck and money plus support from important people.  So I’ve commissioned a local artist to draw me a mountain to be placed in the store.  But I was told that I had to be careful because any art pieces, plates or bowls that are not completed or well drawn can caused bad feng shui.  So make sure – when you hang any painting there are no cracks on the painting.

August 9

Shopping For Feng Shui Jewelry

Whenever I want to go shopping whether online or offline, I tell the spouse that it’s called feng shui shopping because he knows that feng shui is important to me.  But truth be told, the best time to shop for something is when there is a sale on – or you find the  jewelry deal of the day  special offer.  I buy my feng shui jewelry when there is a deal of the day because it’s called smart shopping. Even though I loved buying jewelry that can enhance my well being with feng shui – I choose to buy or shop only when the deal is so good that I can’t resist.  Diamonds are my feng shui jewelry that was what I had been told because of my birth date and time, so whenever there are diamond sales on – you can see me eying for them till I get them.  I am awfully blessed because the spouse never stops me from buying anything.

August 7

Feng Shui & Astrology

I was reading on Facebook the other day where some of my friends said that feng shui and astrology are just mumbo jumbo from people who are out to scam people’s money.  I didn’t retort because I know it’s not true because both does work hand in hand with each other if you know how.  Feng shui is about discovering what works for you best – your strength and your weaknesses because like someone I know said – you really want to know all of these before you get too old and can’t make changes.

The environment  and the nature of a person can be changed if you know what is hindering the person or the environment from thriving – so it’s no magic or mumbo jumbo at all.  Like I tell people feng shui is all about practicality – it’s not magic or black magic, it’s applying oneself to your best advantage and making use of knowledge to make your world a better one.

August 6

Jewelry For Feng Shui

People who practices feng shui knows all about buying the right kind of jewelry to enhance your own well being.  Some jewelry worn are for fashion, but people who practices feng shui usually want to look at the good stuff that the jewelry can bring into their lives like health or career or even love life.  The  balfour military rings  were rings that one of my girlfriend was check out to buy for her spouse and she asked me about it.  The balfour military rings are strong looking and made of steel, silver or gold – so it means that when a man wears it – it will only enhance a stronger character in the man and make him even more desirable for a promotion.  Some woman love wearing the pink crystal rings because they want to find the love of their life – but the balfour military rings are definitely for people who wants to advance their career.   So go ahead and get it for your man – if you want him to be respected by his peers and bosses.

August 3

Excellent Yin Feng Shui

According to Joey Yap – my favorite guy when it comes to Feng Shui – the Forrest Lawn Memorial Park has an excellent Yin Feng Shui.  Now that is new to me because I didn’t think that there is anything excellent about Yin in feng shui at all.  A more visible water form would have made the feng shui more better according to Joey.  Interesting isn’t it.

And it looks like the new Facebook headquarters is of high tension in the South East area – no wonder Facebook shares is going down everyday.  Glad I didn’t go into a frenzy and gotten some.