July 30

Leather Furnishing For Feng Shui

I’ve often wonder about leather furnishing at home because of feng shui reasons.  I wonder if all leather furnishing would be too manly – too much strength and heat in the home because shouldn’t the home be of sweetness and pastel colors?  instead of strong colors?  I understand why people in offices wants leather furniture for their offices to show how powerful they are – but for the home, I would have much prefer fabric furniture.  Well, that’s till we had our kid – and we worried that fabric may not be a wise choice in case she spills something on the sofa than it will be harder to clean.  But leather furniture does worry me too – in case it gets scratched or torn what do one do right?  after all, you cannot have torn furniture at home – definitely not good.  Well, for those thinking of getting leather furniture – have no worries because I found the perfect solution too –  www.leatherworldtech.com  – yup! repairs on your own and affordable.  So when it comes to leather furniture because of feng shui – no problems and as for worrying about damage repair – no problems too.

July 24

Balancing the Yin and Yang Of Summer & Winter

I too learned this recently myself – so don’t feel bad – if you didn’t know about it too.  Apparently, the yin and yang of the summer and winter months are different – so as someone practicing feng shui – one must know or learn how to balance it.

The Yang is pretty powerful in the summer months – so one must introduce a little bit of yin in the form of water to establish a cosmic balance and bring good fortune. And in the winter – when the Yin is more powerful, you have to use fire to bring warmth and light to dreary days.   As simple as it may sound – make sure you don’t overdo – either of them.  Too much water may drown you and too much fire will also burn you.  Balance is the key to everything in Feng Shui.

July 20

Dried Flowers & Feng Shui

When we were younger – we were taught how to dry the fresh flowers you’ve received from admirers and boyfriends.  But in feng shui – dried flowers are frown upon because they are considered not auspicious at all.  If you need to put artificial flowers – silk flowers and plants are the best way to go – if  you cannot do fresh flowers.  Now if one has dried flowers at home it is said that your chances of success will be serious undermined.  So get rid of those dried flowers quickly.

July 15

De-clutter On All Seasons

Yes! if you must know de-cluttering during all seasons is a must – for feng shui – not just spring.  There is a huge misconception that you only need to declutter during spring but I de-clutter during all season.  It’s not as difficult – just taking a day out of your life to de-clutter.  By de-cluttering – you will find a balance in your life – try it yourself and you will find that de-cluttering is not as bad or long as you think it might get.

July 12

Clean House = Good Feng Shui

A clean home = to good feng shui – pretty simple equation if you asked me – and some people uses the  carpet cleaners cary nc to keep their home clean all the time.  I wished I had the luxury of having someone clean my carpets every other month for a reasonable price but there is none to be found around where I lived.  So I envy those family who has a regular carpet cleaner – and it’s that simple keep your home cluttered free and dirt free – to create good chi in your home and for your family.

July 10

Display The Three Legged Frog For Luck

A friend who is not having any luck at all with money asked me how feng shui can help to bring him back some lucky money.  I asked him to look for a three – legged frog – one can buy from a Chinese supermarket – and not necessary a feng shui store and place it in the vicintiy of his front door facing invwards as if it has just come into the house.  Never place the 3 legged frog facing the door.

July 7

Backyard Feng Shui

My neighbor who is doing some backyard landscaping work came over to ask for some  s hooks  but instead got a full session of advice about backyard feng shui.  The reason why I had to tell them all about the feng shui of their backyard is because I don’t them to spoil our feng shui at our backyard since we are living just about 6 feet away from each other. I hope they would take my advice and not mess up our feng shui by putting up tall trees between our backyard and block out the good chi coming into our backyard else I won’t be too happy with them.   I don’t know why they needed the s hooks – but it sure was a good opportunity to give them my 2 cents worth.

July 5

Good Business Practice

A friend who had just taken over a business from his ex-partner asked me about feng shuiing the business to make sure that he succeed.  It’s funny how people think that feng shui can make or break a person entirely when in fact all they need to do is to do what is basically the most logical thing anyone would do like getting  general business insurance  for his business, keeping the store front clean and bright and making sure that the chi is flowed nicely around the store.  Following some basic steps like I’ve mentioned is already half the battle won – so if you are looking to feng shui your business – just use some good business practice.

July 3

Shopping Spree

supra shoes for sale  turned my best friends shoe storage unit into the above – and since she didn’t like the clutter but loved the shoes – she was worried that it might affect her feng shui at home. Clutter of any kind is not good for feng shui at home as we all know but like all women around the world – one can’t resist a good shoe sale right?  and don’t blame yourself too much – because you are not alone.  Now the solution is to unclutter – but if you don’t have a lot of space what do you do ?

How about something like that to un-clutter your shoes? pretty neat idea right?  one do not need to stop shopping for shoes but looking for ways to keep your shoes properly even though you don’t have the budget or space for it is not impossible – so don’t fret – shoe shop away.