June 25

The Different Uses Of Different Bagua

I learned recently that there are different type of Bagua mirrors – the above is a Concave Bagua and it is used to absorb auspicious chi unlike the Convex Bagua – that would be another post and another story.  So remember – don’t use the wrong bagua mirror – and make sure you ask – because they are not all the same.

So when do one use the Concave Bagua – you asked.   Very easy – like I said the concave bagua is to absorb good stuff – so lets say you have a door or window or a house facing a nice landscape such as a round top hill  – where the trees are green and blossom – and the view makes you feel great.  You then place the concave bagua on top of your door or window – outside the house to absorb all the good feelings – and auspcious surrounds – to enhance not only your environment but the Chi to your house.

June 19

Dragon Babies

It’s the year of the dragon babies – everyone I know or come across seems to be having a baby.   And in our small town, there are more babies than you can count – I joke about it being the water here but truth be told, there are so many teenage mothers around and sometimes it can be quite devastating for a mother with teenagers who are not responsible.  I’m pretty sure that some parents are using the  dna testing  to determine who the real father of their daughter’s babies are especially those who cannot convinced the father to pay for child maintenance or be responsible for the baby.

So while some welcome their dragon babies with open arms – others fret about who the real father is – but how do one feng shui the well -being of a dragon baby I was asked? for a safe delivery and the good health of the dragon baby.  Or what specific feng shui practice for a dragon baby pregnancy do mothers to be taken into consideration?

It is said that you should think positive even though you may have an unwanted dragon baby – you have to think that this was a divine timing and that the baby is of a higher planner. For mothers to be – avoid having a room that is at the end of a hallway – because a pregnant woman is a delicate woman in a delicate position and you don’t want all the bad energy to land in her room.  So if you are staying at the end of the hallway – move your room. And keep clutter away from the floor, so it does not obstruct the mother to be well being.

June 15

Feng Shui After A Death In The House

My great grandmother passed away in the house that she lives in – she was closed to 100 when she died and was bedridden for a long time.  So when someone asked me do they need to feng shui the bedroom of someone who had died in the house/room – I tell them yes – to go right ahead because it’s pretty simple to do it and it is said that because the person who died must have been ill in some sort of way – so it’s best to clear the negative chi away from the bedroom.  What about the bed of the dead person?  well in my opinion if they are like my great grandmother – who had been bedridden for a long time – I don’t supposed it would be good chi she left behind – yes – one should get rid of the bed.  So how do one cleanse the room away from negative chi ?  that would be for another post.

June 8

Feng Shui Must Be Good In Louisville

Yes, since my friends are asking me about that area for the last few weeks and looking at houses for sale louisville ky  constantly.   Well, I know of someone who wants to move there because she met someone from Louisville thru’ the internet and others was just comparing property prices against ours here.  Since there are some higher than ours here and others comparable prices, so I figured feng shui must be good in Louisville.  I saw a featured home at half a million and it does look a lot nicer than the ones here for the same price, so I’m not surprised that some friends are relocating and retiring there.  Friends from home envy the tons of land we have here in the West while they struggle and pay for a small apartment with no greens at more price than what we are paying for.  Yes, we are quite fortunate in this area.

June 5

Too Much Water Brings Tears

Many people associate water fountains and water falls with good luck – because water means money in Feng shui but wait a minute, before you get overly zealous in putting water everywhere – you should also know this – that too much water can bring tears.

What does it mean?  Simply too much water spells danger – you might get drown in the water – hypothetically  speaking. And remember this – very important – never, never, never have a pond or any water features on both side of the front door.