May 25

A Little Feng Shui Secret

Yes! many years ago – a very clever master in Feng Shui told me something – and I’m going to share it with you today.  Why?  because I’ve used it often and I’ve had proof that it worked for me.  He told me that if I had a wish – that I should write it down in a paper for 49 times and sign my prosperity signature below 49 times.  Then you should burn the paper and do this for 49 consecutive days and your wish will come true.  Try it out yourself but don’t be greedy now.

May 23

Million Dollar Feng Shui Opportunities

I saw this view at my spouse’s friends new home and thought about the million dollar feng shui opportunities that I had heard about one time when I was attending a talk in feng shui in Asia.  The feng shui master had commented that when there is a view of natural waterfall in one’s home – it means that this family will definitely be rich.  In the far east countries, many people have become millionaires after introducing an artificial waterfall in to their gardens.  But one must not overdo the waterfall feature because a balance is vital – too much water may also drown you and your family – so don’t forget – BALANCE.

May 20

Yin Energy At Night

It is said that the night energy is extremely yin – so one should not hang out your clothing to dry outside after dark.  No wonder my mother used to make us go get our clothing in when the sun goes down – I used to wonder why can’t we wait till we finish playing – so now I know the reason and it’s not just that my mother was being anal.  You see, washing will absorb the yin energies of the night and will thus upset your feng shui.  Also it is not advisable to bathe in water that has absorbed the energies of the night.  They say it is best to bathe in yang water – so bathing in the morning is way better.

May 15

Mother Of Pearl Furniture For Feng Shui

When someone told me to use mother of pearl for all my wood corners I didn’t really understand what she meant.  But it is said that the Chinese make mother of pearl furniture to enhance the energies of one’s wood element corners – the east and the southeast with just the mother of pearl.  So if you can find some like the above – I found mine in Thailand – you can thus use them to help with your feng shui energy at home.

May 12

Successful Men With Feng Shui

I don’t know about other men but the successful men that I’ve met were all very well-dressed and they all had mens leather briefcases  with them wherever they went.   My grandmother used to say – people first looked at how you dress and present yourself first and then they see the person inside you later.  So if you want to make a good impression, you first have to dress well and then the rest will fall into its places.  I had been telling the spouse that for years now but he keeps saying that he doesn’t like dressing up – and the simpler he gets the better he feels about himself  – but I completely do not agree with him if it wasn’t because our business had to do with younger kids.  But I would still loved to see the man dress up decently because I think it does affect how older customers look at our store and business – they think we are not serious enough – which makes me sometimes think that the spouse really isn’t.   I bet that once he takes his dressing and appearance more seriously – business would certainly be better.

May 7

Stress Free Weekend With Feng Shui

While most people opt to go to for a stress free weekend, one can also have a stress free weekend using feng shui too.  Of course, if you have the resources to go for an Orlando vacation, I think feng shui or not you will have a good and revitalizing vacation and like what I tell all my friends – a vacation is a must for everyone because it really helps you bring back what you want to focus in your life.

But for those who cannot go away for a vacation, you can bring the vacation to you – easily.  Focus on what you hope to achieve during your stress free weekend, is it peace, revitalizing, relaxing or just cleaning the home or making a new dish?  and with that, you can plan around what you hope to achieve and attainable.  If you have children, get a babysitter for the weekend or send them to their grandparents – but most importantly, start by de-cluttering your area that you will be spending your weekend in.

May 3

Sitting Beside The Toilet Remedy

So my desk is now beside the toilet – and it had been a  few months now – one because I wanted to be closer to the kid when she is not in school so that the spouse can work and also because our store is pretty small and we have too much products.  I agreed to sit beside the toilet to see how things would go but as we all know it cannot be good for the health.  My health had taken a toll and recently it had gotten worst.  So my remedy was to use a crystal and hang in just between the toilet and me – hopefully this will help break the back chi.  Why didn’t i do it earlier – because I wanted to make sure that the feng shui is bad and not just superstition. So if you are constantly sitting besides a toilet – try my crystal remedy and let me know how you fair.