April 29

Allowing Chi Into Your Home Everyday

In feng shui – it is important to let fresh air come into your house on a daily basis and I know that it can be hard in the West because it can get cold even in Spring.  But do try to at least open your windows for 20 mins a day to let the fresh chi get into your house because you do not want stale chi to be in your room all the time – especially breathing int he stale chi every nite.  They say that by doing this good fortune will come your way, but morning fresh air is way better than the night ones – so make sure you have your windows opened in the morning – try it and see the difference.

April 26

Landscaping With Feng Shui

We’ve been thinking about landscaping our garden for the longest time and even though we’ve found someone to do the landscaping for us, we still have got to worry about doing it the right way, so that we don’t upset the good energy flow that we have right now.  Besides making sure that our water feature that we are thinking of erecting in our garden, we have to make sure that the pathway is curvy and not sharp.  We also need to make sure that we maintain the garden, making sure that the grass is mowed regularly, so we read some reel mower reviews making sure that we buy a good one and an easy one to use.   If you are landscaping your garden, make sure you know how to do it and not spoil the good part of your good feng shui.

I’m so happy to have bought a wonderful windchime for my garden, something that I wanted for the longest time because it creates healing feng shui vibration in the air.   The windchime has the most beautiful musical chime you’ve ever heard, you would love it too.

April 23

Feng Shui Tips 101 Around Your Home

So you want a fish tank at home – or is it your kids who insist that they are pet lovers and want to rear some fishes.  Sure there is nothing wrong with it – except that they have to keep the tank clean and not let too many fishes die in the meantime.  But if you are really getting the fish tank for your home/house – then may I suggest you be careful where you place your fish tank.  Why?  because when a fish tank is placed in the right place/position – it can bring you good fortune because it will be tapping on the right Divine Water Dragon’s Den that it is supposed to.  But if you placed it wrongly than of course, it can cause you more harm than good and some of these harm can be really detrimental – like a lawsuit, bankruptcy or even work pressures, trouble at work or problems at home.  So how do you know that?  well if things starts to not look so well after a few months – then it is time to move your fish tank – or time to just discard the fishes and the tank.

April 20

Enhancing Your Health

It’s funny how we all want to be healthy and doing a lot of things to help us stay healthy and alert but little do we know that it’s as simple as one trying to  find out more about testosterone supplements to tone one’s body.  And in feng shui – the health area is in the center of your home – so if you want to be healthy and stay healthy – you have to take care of your home as well and keep that area positive and clutter free.

Of course, some of you may think that it is not true – but let me tell you from experience it is very true  – take for example – we have been renovating our basement and everything is in a mess.  The kid seeing the renovation and the need to move her toys from the basement to upstairs has the entire house filled with her toys thus making me feel mentally and physically stressed from having to pick after her and seeing how all the clutter in the house cannot be good for feng shui – I’m more stressed.

So a simple solution to enhancing my health using feng shui – is to declutter – bring back the harmony of the home and so my plan is to de-clutter tomorrow and try and keep focus and not let the kid bring more toys upstairs.  I can’t wait for the basement to be done – but in the meantime – I still need to keep clear not only at home but in the heart.

April 18

Heaven Men Or Devil Men In Feng Shui

The chinese feng shui believes that there is the heaven men in our lives and there are the devil men also in our lives.  So what are the heaven men and the devil men?  Well, it’s pretty simple to be honest – Devil men are definitely those who can cause you heartache, harm you or make you lose your temper.   They are obnoxious and troublesome and should be avoided at all times if possible becasue they send negative energy your way and thus making you a very unlikeable person.

On the other hand the heaven men are the ones you should welcome with open arms – they are helpful, kind and give you a guiding hand.  Embrace them because they bring positive chi towards you.

April 13

Energizing One’s Hallway & Foyer

I’ve read that wood, fire and water are the elements that create good fortune.  Water is supposedly to give life to wood which develops fruits in the warmth of the fire.  Therefore, keep your hallway well lit and warm in the winter, decorate it with plants and install a water feature like a small fountain or aquarium for prosperity luck.  You can also do the same thing for your reception ares of your businesses premises.

April 10

Practicing Healthy Living For New Moms

A friend who just had her first baby asked if there is any feng shui practice for a healthier mom and baby relationship, in which once again I explained to her that feng shui is not magic and it’s all about practicality.  So if she wanted to have a healthy relationship with her new born then making use of the baby jogging stroller would be the first step to take.   I remembered when I had my baby girl – all i could think of is spending some quality time with her and keeping myself fit too and I never turned back when i bought the baby jogging stroller because I would spend everyday with her walking or jogging while she enjoys the fresh air.   So ladies and even dads out there – if you want to keep healthy with baby – start with gettting the baby jogging stroller and go for walks and jogs with your baby.

April 6

Wealth Vase

Many people have heard about the wealth vase but what is it really for and how do one go about making your own wealth vase.  So here we go – let me explain it as simply as I can.  The feng shui wealth vase is said to be one of the feng shui oldest recommendation for abundance.  It is not only used in China but around the world for many centuries.  Making a wealth vase is a sacred offering in many Tibetan Buddhist temples tradition.

To make a wealth vase means making it intentionally for your wealth purpose.  After creating the wealth vase – do not open it nor should you show it off – it should be placed in a respectable place and out of sight by people.   Inside the wealth vase – you need to have some rich man’s soil as well as 5 element grains of rice.  And of course, put in gold, ingots, jade, precious stones and chinese coins into it.  Cover the vase and then tie them with the 5 element clothe followed by the 5 element string.  And of course, make sure that you put them in a place that is respectable and away from sight.