March 30

Feng Shui Wedding Date

Choosing a feng shui date for your wedding is a very important thing for us Asian – I think it’s our culture – that even for those who don’t practice feng shui – they also try to get a good feng shui wedding date.  There is this forecast book that we called the Tong Shui – for one to choose the feng shui wedding date for you.  So if you are having a wedding – check out this book first and then with the bride and groom’s wedding clothes and the plus size bridesmaid dresses and costume jewelry – you will be all set for the wedding.  Well, of course, you need the venue and all – but first thing first – the feng shui wedding date – and then the rest will come together – that was what my mom said when I was getting married.

March 29

Feng Shui Your Office

A new business just opened up around the block and they really know how to feng shui their business.  Not only did the decor look smoothing – they had everything that make you feel comfortable and right at home when you enter their office.  This is a realty business office and it really shined with a bunn vpr coffee maker for their clients and friends who visits their office and a water cooler as well as a huge living and wait area  – and they are going to put in a LCD tv screen in the wait area too. The main color of the office is grey – but they had stunning green to go with the decor thus making it not dreary at all.  I really liked the way they feng shui their office space – I have to take some pictures to show you all how welcoming it looked.

March 28

Earth Energy Excellent Feng Shui

I was told the other day that if I wanted our business to benefit from earth energy, I have to activate 3 earth areas of the place of business we are in.  The center , the southwest and the northeast corners.  So I hear you asking – so how do one activate these areas ?  pretty easy  place large ceramic or pottery urns or crystal clusters in these places.  Earth energy is said to be the strongest in the southwest corner.  Nor how does these things look like ?  check out the pictures below.

As I want my business to flourish – I’m going to find some cluster crystals to activate these 3 areas – so don’t forget to do the same for yourself if you own your own business.

March 27

Going Healthy For Spring

Spring is here – although the weather is still crappy – some flowers are blooming and of course, my allergy is back and if I had that austin tx allergy doctor to look after my allergy I won’t be so worried but of course I’m not so lucky – so I have to take care of my old allergy in my old conventional method which I do not like very much.  I get drowsy from the medication I take – and that does suxs big time – so someone told me to do the next best thing about going healthy for the spring – make a trip out of my home and rejuvenate and get the much needed help that I need.  I so wish I could drop everything and go to this wellness clinic that I’ve read about.   In the meantime, I’m feng shuing my entire home and office – and clearing all flowers or any kind of grass that may heighten my allergy and hope for the best.

March 23

Feng Shui Course

The best friend who just finished her course in the YiJing Mastery in Singapore talked about how good the class was and how she had lots of fun learning from the teacher about it.  They received each a lapel pin for completing the class and she is looking forward to practicing it and hopefully to help others with what she has learned.  I was intrigued with what she spoke about from her course and looked up at it to see if I too would be interested in it to enhanced some of my knowledge about feng shui as well.

The YiJing class that she attended was more about concept of the Yi and the traditional Yi Jing and different approaches and scientific reasoning and a breakdown of 64 Hexagrams. And since I’m interested in the Ba Gua and its arrangement – I’m also pretty intrigue with the course and cool to be able to get a pin for it.

March 19

Feng Shui The Hospital

The local hospital is celebrating its 150 years in town and even though they have implemented so many ways to make more money to support the hospital, they don’t seems to be making headway with that mission.  They tried fund-raising for years and now they have implemented a parking fee even for the staff of the hospital and and increase in parking fee for the locals visiting their sick mother or relatives.  So what is wrong with the hospital you asked.  They needed new cpu cart for one department and the next – they needed something else.  A girlfriend who is currently working there – told me that it’s bad feng shui, so i told her then feng shui the hospital – but i guess it is in the West and not as easy – so I suggested she feng shui her own office instead to keep her job stable.

March 17

Using Feng Shui For Your Romance Luck

Who doesn’t want to be loved and to love right? so if you are still single and want to have the love of your life – you can use feng shui to activate your romance luck.   This is what you do – keep a painting or a pair of ornamental mandarin ducks on a table in the southwest corner of your bedroom to enhance romance and luck.  Why?  because ducks symbolize fidelity and happiness.  And alternative would be anything in heart-shaped if you cannot find a mandarin duck.

March 10

For Those Who Can’t Find A Partner

Many of my friends lament and rant about not being able to find the right partner and they don’t want to just settle for second best and for that I salute them.  Never settle for second best or third because why marry someone you don’t think you are compatible with or someone you cannot spend the rest of your life with right?

But don’t give up even though you are upset that the ugliest girl in high school or the next door fat neighbor’s daughter is already married.  Try using feng shui to find yourself the right partner by energizing your southwest corner.  Place a 5 foot high floor light there to tap the energy of the earth.  Keep the light turned on every evening until you achieve your goal.  But don’t use this tip unless you want to find a partner.

March 5

Bad Feng Shui For Your Business

A year or so ago, when my hair stylist bought this building for her office and working place – I know that she had meant it for investment.  So I had told her that she had some bad feng shui – because she had an opening road facing directly at her entrance and thus they represent poisonous arrows and that is not really that good for business.  She laughed at it and told me that she will ask me more if business turned bad – because she was doing really well then.  I bit my tongue and said wished her all the best and hope that my prediction is wrong.

A couple of months ago, I brought my kid for hair cut and she had said that she was having trouble with payment for her building but still she didn’t touch on the feng shui part – so I didn’t say anything either.  And today I learned that her building was going up for sale *sigh*.  I don’t know if she had forgotten what I had told her – or she just was too proud to ask – because I do have a feng shui remedy for her and her business but since she didn’t asked – I figured I should just shut up.   Anyhow, if you own your own business and someone tells you about the bad feng shui – please don’t ignore it.

March 1

Excellent Feng Shui Remedies

Screens makes excellent feng shui remedies if you don’t know by now – although a lot of people use them only for room dividers.  Screens do solve a multitude of feng shui problems associated with fast moving, killing breath.  Screens can block, dissolve and dissipate bad energy (shar chi) but they must be placed in a straight line, either suspended from the ceiling or firly attached to the ground.  If placed in a zigzag way, the shar chi will accumulate thus not making any difference to your problem.