February 28

Be Careful Of Square Pillars

While square pillars may look very good in your home and even outdoors – square pillars often cause feng shui problems – so I was told.  Square, structural pillars directly facing an entrance should be covered with mirrors or other reflective material or softened with creeping plants.  Round pillars are less harmful, particularly if they frame the front door, but if they face it they may cause similar problems.

February 24

Special Feng Shui Gift For Child

So we all have trouble buying the first birthday gifts for the best friend who just had a baby  – or a new nephew or niece.    You see for us Asian – the gift needs to be meaningful and symbolic and something to do with feng shui – for the good health or happiness of the kid is the best.  So where do you find appropriate and great first birthday gifts for a child – I am often asked.  Well, it’s pretty easy for me – because all you need to do is think of the wellness of the kid – and then buy what you think the kid would use most and like most.  I  use an online place and get lots of ideas from them – and they do the mailing and packaging for me – so even if I am not in town – my very special birthday kid will get a birthday gift from me.

February 20

Bedroom Art – The Dos and Don’ts

Sometime last year I had bought this painting from Etsy – from a painter from United States – because my bedroom walls were bare and I couldn’t stand it any longer.  I wanted something arty fartsy – so I got this oil painting but I was worried that the oil painting of tree/trunks and some flowers may cause feng shui harm to us who ware sleeping in the bedroom.  So I continued checking for more information and finally found it.

Apparently, any kind of flower paintings are not advisable unless the person sleeping in it is sick.  Otherwise, it may cause some harm to the person sleeping in it.  Also not to put lonely pictures or pictures of someone fiece – so maybe that is why there were so many people looking for the priest last sunday.

February 15

Using Feng Shui For Living Room

A friend who had just bought some los angeles furniture – when she was on a vacation trip in USA – asked me for feng shui tips to decorate her living room.  For someone who had been practicing feng shui whenever I can to improve my life and the health of my family I can understand why my friend wants some tips on how she can maximize her buy from this furniture store in los angeles.

As far as I understand when it comes to furniture – and its arrangement – one has to make sure that the flow of energy is not blocked in anyway or cut off in the middle. Concentrate on making it your goal to have a round sitting but of course, making sure that the living room is also warm and cozy plus inviting.

February 6

Feng Shui Balance At Home

So my girlfriend is having all sorts of problems at home – from her daughter – to her home.  She joked that if she didn’t have any bad luck, she wouldn’t have any luck at all.  Poor girl!  So I went to take a look at her home for her and boy! it as cluttered alright!  I don’t know how she lived in such a condition.  So first thing first, I told her to get de-cluttering and helped her with it immediately.  I also helped her daughter put all her streetwear into its proper places instead of hanging all out all over her room and cleaned out her room for her.  I sent all her dirty streetwear to the laundry since their washing machine didn’t work – and helped her to choose those that she wears daily and folded some up – so that her wardrobe has more space for other huge items that we needed to hide away.

With all that done – I also adviced my girlfriend not to fight with her kids for every little things because fighting doesn’t bring any harmony to the home and if she really loved her streetwear – she shouldn’t stop her from wearing them  and also pleaded with the teenager to buy wisely when she decides that she needs more accessories to match with her streetwear.  So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that after sorting some stuff up for mother and daughter – they will each learn to respect each other and try to understand each other more instead of breathing fire down each other’s throat all the time.

February 3

Poverty Energy

So you go out in a group to eat – and everyone is having a big meal with lots of food on the table and you all drink and be merry.  Of course, you don’t want to waste any good food and I can understand it – but what about the last piece of chicken?  well, I was told that I should resist eating the last piece of meat on the table because it creates poverty energy unknowingly to a lot of people.  So resist that last mouthful, whether it is the last piece of cake or the last piece of fruit and don’t try to clean up leftovers please.  If you don’t want to be poor – don’t create negative energy of being poor around you.