January 27

Screens Used For Feng Shui Remedies

It is said that screens are excellent feng shui remedies and they also of course, make superb room dividers.  Screens can solve a multitude of feng shui problems associated with fast moving, killing breath.  Screens can block, dissolve and dissipate bad energy (shar chi) but they must be placed in a straight line, either suspended from the ceiling or firmly attached to the ground.  If placed in a zigzag fashion, shar chi will accumulate.

January 25

Square Pillars & Feng Shui

I was attending a housewarming last weekend and thought about what I saw in my friend’s home.  Don’t get me wrong – I loved the home and i’m sure they will be happy with their new home but I have problems with the square pillars in their home for i’ve read that square pillars can caused problems with feng shui.

So what do one do if their home already has some square structural pillars in their home?  well, if you cannot remove the pillar, I read that if they are facing directly at your entrance – you should cover them with mirrors or other reflective material or softened with creeping plants.

Round pillars are said to be less harmful to your home and the people in your home, and if they are frame around the front door – it’s alright.  But if they face your front door than it might cause a similar problem like the square pillars – so home owners be careful now.

January 23

Feng Shui For Dragon Baby

So you want to make a dragon baby I heard – and want to feng shui your bedroom so that it will be a romantic space for you and the spouse to create good atmosphere for a dragon baby?  is there really such a thing as feng shui you bedroom to make a smart and healthy dragon baby?

Yes, one can use feng shui to make your bedroom a more romantic place for you to make babies.   First to start off with cleaning and clearing the clutter in your bedroom.  And then the color of your bedroom is very important too  – yes, some say even right up to the  switch covers in your room.   I prefer to use switch covers that are not white in color – I liked the pastel color ones or the gold colored ones.  Besides the switch covers in your bedroom – you should also remove all electronic things like your computer and tv away from the bedroom – that way both of you are not distracted by electronic things and can enjoy each other.

Decorations for your bedroom should always be in pair – and if you can – not only the switch covers should be pastel – so should your room.  So if you can paint your room a romantic or warm color – that would definitely ignite any relationship that needs a little fire.

Lastly, do not place any water in your bedroom.

January 21

Chipped Glass Or Crockery

I was told once never to use a chipped glass or plate or anything you use to eat and drink.  Or even from tea pot that is broken in any way.  It is said that by using a chipped glass or a flawed one – represents that whatever you say using your mouth is cut and therefore making your speech not reliable. So remember – if you have chipped glass or crockery please replace them immediately.

January 19

Feng Shui For A Road Trip

Winter has been really mild – not much snow except for really cold wind – so the girlfriends and I are trying to decide if we should do our road trip earlier this year.  Every year, we try to head up to New York to visit a close college friend of ours.   The girlfriend just bought a 2nd hand trailer as you can see on the above picture and gotten her 5th wheel warranty – so she asked me to feng shui the 5th wheel – so that we will have a safe and awesome trip.

But we had already done the cleansing of the trailer when she bought it and put in some new curtains and washed it down with sea salt water and since she already has the warranty and road safety check – I think we are all set for our road trip.  I hope the weather keeps up and we will not have any trouble driving long haul.

January 10

Feng Shui For A Business Sign

After being in business for almost 13 year – this year – I figured we should redo our business sign.  But wait a minute – I’m also afraid that if I do it wrongly it might affect our business – afterall, business had been really good for us for the last few years and we are really moving ahead and managed to save a ton of money.

I’m sure a lot of you feel the same way as I – and since I don’t have a feng shui master with us in this town – what do I do?  I don’t want to be responsible for bring our business down right?  So I’m doing a bit more research on what color I can use and what shape and size the sign should be but I’ll have to say anything is better than our old sign?  But before you do a business sign – I strongly suggest you do your research first – or speak with a feng shui master – because the business sign is a very important piece of information to your wealth of your business.