December 28

Feng Shui Your Wedding

My friend from here who is getting married in September is seriously checking out weddings in barbados because she wanted the sun, sea and beaches and an exotic honeymoon.  Wedding and a honeymoon and pretty much stress free – why not eh?  so she asked if there is something she needs to take note of – so that her wedding and life together with her spouse would be a happily ever after.   I took a look online and the Caribbean is truly a wonderful place to be for a wedding – guests who are invited would be happy to be there and told her to be happy.  Feng shui is all about happiness – and all about the well being of the bride and groom – if the groom and the bride is good with the destination and the wedding planner – everything should be good.  Big or small wedding – the most important thing about a wedding is that both wants to spend their life together and the rest will fall into its place.

December 25

Manmade Water For Feng Shui

Yes! i long to get a man made water fountain for the store or home – so that our wealth will continue to come and our business grows bigger and we make so much money we can retire earlier.   But wait a minute – I’ve heard it’s important where you place your man made water fountain and also how it is being made.  If you are not careful – your man made water fountain may make you lose money than make money.  The spouse said why fix things that are not broken – he is pretty happy about our financial status but who wouldn’t want more money to spend and to go for vacation right?

More on the type of man made water fountain for the store and your home in another post.

December 23

Feng Shui Tips For 2012

As the year comes to an end – and the dragon year approaches – what can we look forward to 2012 – I hear everyone asking.   So according to Joey Yap – the wealth is in the West for the year 2012 – so everyone make sure you find your West part of your house and office and spend more time there whenever possible.  Of course, with the good – there is always things and places to avoid too – for the year 2012 – the south east is a place to avoid – so if you do a lot of things in the south east – try to keep this end inactive.

But what if we work in the SE area of the office or the SE area is our tv room?  what can be done?  I too would like to find out – I’ll check the answer and get back to you about it.

Chart from Joey Yap’s column at star

December 19

Shopping For Christmas

I have a group of friend who loved anything feng shui just like myself – so when I told the spouse that I wanted to shop for some Christmas presents for them – the spouse suggested that I buy some feng shui stuff for them – hhaha!!  well, I know they loved feng shui stuff but it isn’t always necessary to only stick to one thing right?  it can get quite boring.  So this Christmas – I decided to check out some Fedoras Hats for my feng shui buddies because I know one of them loved it too – and I know they won’t be expecting it.  I loved the hats myself – so I might just get one for myself this Christmas.  My grandfather used to have hats like that and I really wished he would have left it for me when he passed away – I would have loved to have his collections.  Unfortunately, it didn’t end up with me – and I don’t know which of my relatives have them – i would have treasured them – these hats are vintage.

December 15

Empowering Your Relationship

I have an aunt and she isn’t ugly nor fat at all – but why doesn’t she have a boyfriend and why did she only get married when she was closed to 49 yrs old?  Yes – my aunt only got married at 49 – very strange for someone who is not bad looking and comes from a good background right?  And how did she find the love of her life?  Well, initially  – she blames it on having to look after my grandfather – so she wasn’t able to get involved with a man – or someone that my grandfather would approved – but she did eventually get married to someone who doesn’t know how to even read in English and for someone who finished her college really strange right?  So why did she married beneath her? and is she happy?  I guess so – and at 49 for a Asian – she should consider herself lucky?

Well, if you don’t want to be like my aunt – it’s time to empower your own relationship and start to act on it.  How?   Most Asian thinks that when you are more than 30 years old you will not find the right person to fall in love with – and so they closed their hearts and they don’t look around for the one that is just there for them.  Some are even worst – they decided that they don’t need to even put on make up when they go out of the house.   Now if you are serious about finding someone to share your life with – open your heart – have faith, stay positive and have a decent outlook of your life and stop being so grumpy – the world is not against you.

Be happy with yourself first – learn to enjoy the things around you and stop mopping around the house in your PJs and activate your social network.  Go out have fun with friends, whether they are boys or girls.  Wear pastel color clothing, learn to smell nice, go to the dentist and have your teeth whiten or cleaned so that you have confidence when you chat up with the opposite sex.  Empower your relationship now before the end of the year – find the one for you.

December 6

Turning Your Basement To A Male Domain

So my college girlfriend decided to relent and let her spouse turn her basement into a male domain – in order to keep the peace at home and also to encourage the spouse to stay home more often instead of going out drinking with his buddies from work.  The spouse works as a cop – and according to him – he needed a place to de-stressed while my college girlfriend is worried that the basement might be the cause of more fights in the future.  With a big screen tv, game consoles, converter and a mini bar put into the basement – the girlfriend figured she might be the one doing all the cleaning in the future.   So she asked me what can she do for the basement with Feng Shui to eliminate the problem before it blows out of proportion.

I think that thinking ahead is good – but sometimes thinking too  much and making the anticipation like my girlfriend is making might already be a caused for a disaster before it happens.  So instead of worrying – I told her to concentrate on the upstairs and making the upstairs and the outdoors beautiful and in tune with her harmony and peace.   As for the basement – I figured if she had a door to the basement and if the friend don’t need to go in and out thru’ the upstairs to get downstairs – she shouldn’t be too bothered by it – and go with the flow.

So she asked will all the electronics in the basement upset the flow of the home – I told her that if she don’t let it – it shouldn’t – of course, if the rats starts visiting the upstairs for food – then that’s another story.  Feng shui is a peace of mind of a person – don’t let things bother you too much.

December 3

Great Christmas With Feng Shui Tips

With a little bit of help from Feng Shui – we can all have a great Christmas.  Now why won’t we have a great Christmas – I hear you asking?  well – with so many parties to attend – Christmas presents to buy – and also the outlaws to take care of – it can get quite stressful and messy.  And when one is stressed – we start screaming at each other and some even might curse their friends, siblings or partners.  But it doesn’t have to be this way – with a little bit of feng shui – I’m pretty sure – we can all have a great Christmas.

Colors for Christmas – bringing the Fire into your home – also needs to have some sort of balance – and by using some blue – you can balance the Fire – to bring joy to the home – and then using blue colors to bring calm to the season.

By placing your Christmas Tree at the right position of your home – you can bring in health and love in the East, Money and Abundance in the Southeast and Fame and Reputation at the South Corner.   Use candles to bring in the energy in your home.

And my favorite advise to everyone is to use essential oil to bring in fragrance to your home – to bring in the good mood and cheer in your home.  It is said that using essential oil is great for feng shui in your home.  And lastly – some poinsettias are great Christmas plants for your home this Christmas and remembering that using feng shui for healing and bringing in energy for Christmas is to bring love to the home.

December 1

Feng Shui Tips For Finding A Better Job

Executive Chef Jobs are not an easy job to find around here – unlike in Asia where we have a hospitality school – just meant to train people who wants to be chefs or front desk managers – and we have jobs already lined up for them even before they graduate.  So when a friend from here asked if there was some feng shui he can use to find a better job – that set me thinking too.

Feng shui can be used to enhance your search effort but do not think that by moving some furniture or clearing some clutter and not physically looking for jobs can help you find a job.  So besides using feng shui you have to do stuff like sending out resumes and job hunting seriously.

Finding the right job is as important as finding a job that pays well.  If you get a job that you don’t like – but pays a lot – that means you will be looking for another job soon.  So to find the right job – you can try a very simple thing – using images/pictures of people who are successful in their career or people who inspires you in the north area of your Bagua.  The north area is said to be connected to the flow energy of your career life also known as Path in Life.