November 28

End Of The Year Feng Shui

As 2011 is coming to an end soon – you must be wondering what you should do to end the year well right?  I too wonder about it – a lot during the past few days – so I did a little research and found that I can make preparation to welcome another new year.

I hear that one of the important things to do – is to clear out your refrigerator of old stuff and stock up the fridge for the new year – a symbol for abundance I think – and doing away with the old.  And since it’s the new year you are welcoming – a good cleaning of the entire house is a very good year to start positively – make sense right?

I also see a lot of fun things you can do to welcome the new year.  From buying a new plant to a new wallet – and have some money in your wallet of course – and then you can start doing the laundry, clean out the refrigerator and dust of the dust every where in your home.  They say to invite a toad to your home too – or use figurine if you don’t like the real toad.   And of course, don’t forget the bathroom – clean that room too.  And most important celebrate !  celebration brings in the joyous spirit and when you bring joy into your home – how can the good luck not follow right?

November 26


I would love to buy one of this trees to be put at home.  It is said that the Honey Calcite tree is used to enhance psychic abilities and thus help you to have a high consciousness, it is said to enhance intellect and memory  – great for someone like myself – who is an owner by association to the spouse’s business.

Aside from that – it is said that it’s beneficial for one’s health especially the kidney, bladder and the female organs plus menopause.  Used by massage therapist as massage stones for the longest time and also great for children with bed wetting problems.  The gold wire on the trunk of the tree symbolizes wealth and prosperity.   So now you can understand why I want one of this Honey Calcite tree right.

November 24

Feng Shui For A Healthy Environment

My in-law’s old aunt is having a  new back surgery in about a month’s time – and they had asked if I can help look at the feng shui of her place – since she lives alone with a day nurse who will come help her in the day time after her back surgery.   I figured what the in-laws are saying is they want her to recuperate in a healthy environment and for her the heal fast.   So I went in to take a look at the house – hoping to help – of course as you all know I’m no expert in feng shui – I just practice it – and trying to make my world and life a better one each day.  So I had to read up a bit more on the back surgery and see what she will be like after and before the surgery – and then I can work a little better to make a better feng shui for her and her home.

November 23

Maximizing One’s Wealth Potential

Tomorrow my best friend in Malaysia will be attending Joey Yap’s class about how one can maximize your wealth potential for 2012.  With the current economy and financial situation around the world – I’m sure anyone would benefit from this class.  Only 50 people will be attending this class – and I really wished I was one.  I want to grow my wealth too – don’t you ?  no one refuses money – but of course – good feng shui doesn’t revolved around wealth alone – wealth is only one aspect of our life.

November 22

Warm & Inviting Store For Feng Shui

So you have a store ?  and you want to have a lot of customers come into your store right?  so how do one attract your customers to want to come in all the time and buy things from you?  A warm and inviting store is the way to go – but most importantly – your presentation of your goods need to be inviting too.  If you don’t dust your goods – and someone wants to buy it – what would they be thinking?  that it is old stock and it might not work as well as the newer ones?  It’s not rubbish like what my spouse thinks- because when you go get a carton of milk – wouldn’t you choose the freshest one – the one right behind the rest?  I do – so therefore a warm and inviting store is important – but keeping your goods fresh and dust free is just as important.

November 21

Feng Shui For Retirement Home

My spouse’s grandfather just turned 100 years old during the weekend – we had a small celebration in the new retirement home he moved into.  While we were there, he was asking me to look around to see if I can feng shui his retirement home so that everyone will be healthy as long as possible and he wasn’t even joking about it too.  I did look around and saw a lot of trees and plants around the retirement home and lots of two step stools too.  I asked the caretaker there and she told me they were for the residents as they like to do their own things on their own and having the two step stools helps them to get things they need from the upper cupboards around the retirement home on their own without worrying about falling down.  I can see why they like to buy the ones with handle because it helps steady the older folks in the retirement home.

So I reported back to my spouse’s grandfather that he was in a good place – after all they do take care of their every need and even bought step stools to fit the residents and not the other way around.  I’m really happy for the spouse’s grandfather – he is going to be happy in that home.

November 18

Feng Shui For The Holiday Season

It’s the holiday season – and it means you want to bring cheer and harmony all around your home and office – so what do one do – with feng shui to promote good holiday vibes all around – i was asked.

First of all – like any holiday – i suggest decluttering – and making the home or office clean.  And then of course – you make more space for people to hang around and decorate your home and office with things you love and not because you have to decorate or because it’s the most expensive thing you can find to display.

Important thing to remember about feng shui for the holiday season is to make sure that your Christmas tree does not block your walkway – put it at a corner where it is not blocking anything but yet visible from the inside and outside.

Any gold ornaments or ribbons and red colors are good for feng shui – because it represents the yang for the festive season – so now you know what to do – so run along and feng shui for the holiday season.

November 15

Feng Shui Outlook Of Your House

I read somewhere that the outlook of your home – actually tells what kind of person lives inside the home and after looking at the pictures of the home – I can understand what the author was trying to say.  I also reflected on the outlook of my own home – and decided that I should do some changes and make sure that the outside is also warm and welcoming instead of being so protective over my own property and asking people to move their cars away from my front yard – so they don’t block my view.  I should also start planting some plants and have some pathway lights to the front of my home – to give it a more welcoming look.  I see how people can mistaken that we are not warm people from the outlook of our home – and I certainly don’t want that.  So if you find that  your home looks cold and unwelcoming – make sure you start making changes now.

November 10

Feng Shui For Office Opening

I was invited to a grand opening of an office of a friend – he just got into the import and export business  – and like anyone who practices feng shui – I had to look around to see if they had good feng shui to sustain the business for a long time – and will he succeed.   His wife who is the purchasing manager uses shoplet coupons for all the office stationary they need – and it was she who had taken care of all other office supplies as well – from coffee maker – to the toilet cleaner that they needed in the office.  And she definitely didn’t spare any change for giving the best office environment to the employees as well – they even had a great kitchenette in the office – in case they need to work late.

I loved that they had a great seating area for guests – and in the sitting area – there was a fish tank with some live fishes in it – the water was cleaned and the fishes looked very healthy.    The wife’s office was simple – and unobstructed  – great for thinking and doing lots of work.  Overall, the feng shui looks great – but I’m no expert  – but it felt good in their office.

November 5

Bringing Harmony To Your Home With Feng Shui Incense

There are more important things in life than just money – and becoming rich.  For me – health and harmony at home is very important  – and once upon a time I was taught to use incense to clear the stale air in the home – to welcome harmony into my home – by bringing in the positive chi.

One can also use incense to rid of bad energy left by guests in your home – or an irate customer.  This is what I have been trying out for a month now and I’m happy with the result – check it out yourself and you may find harmony not only at home but at work.