October 25

Feng Shui For Property Investors

I find it really hard to give advice on those who wants to be property investors – because there are so many factors in the properties to look at.   As you all know I’m no expert – I’m just someone who practices it – and believes that feng shui can help make our life better.

We are also looking to invest in a building lately – and since the investment is huge – we needed to consult someone about it before we embark on our adventure which may make us comfortable in life or break us.  Different properties needs different kind of feng shui factor – and since we are investing for a store – we have been warned that the Xuan Kong Feng Shui affects the different stars and thus might cause the business to make or break.  Every placement in the store is carefully looked at – the traffic flow of your customers coming into the store – where your cash register is – all these affect the property you are in.  Very intense right?  so yes – for the property investors – best to get a good feng shui master to help out – or take course for it.  In the meantime, we are going to sit put – and see if I can contact Joey Yap to do an online consultation.

October 19

Basement For A Study Room

My neighbor was just telling me – that after a visit to her son’s college – she was a bit worried that the study room for her son’s class was in the basement of a building.  She asked me if it was even conducive for them to study in the basement whereby there is no sunlight nor fresh air in it.  She worries that it might affect his studies because of the environment he was in.   She also worries that with so many students placed in such closed proximity – he might not be able to concentrate.

Well, that’s easy – I told her – because she could get him some bluetooth stereo headphones and he can use it – to listen to the music he likes and that should help him to block out the noises he doesn’t want.  Plus these days – kids don’t mind the noise around them like we used to – they are of a different generation.  And many studies in college are placed in the basement because classes are bigger now and finding a place to place all students can be a bit challenging and even though they are in the basement – it doesn’t mean that the feng shui is bad.  A neat study like the one above is as conducive as one can get in a college around here – so there isn’t very much to worry about – plus if they are placed in the basement – I’m sure air – exchangers are being used and air cleaners are in place as well as filters – as for sunlight – bright lights above the computer like the ones in the pictures acts as sunlight and are just as good

October 17

Obstacle To Wealth

I`ve recently bought a e-book from Joey Yap and started reading and analyzing my own Bazi – to see how I can improve myself, my wealth and my health.  And thus far – whatever I`ve read about my Bazi – is pretty spot on.  Apparently, I have an obstacle in wealth – and because of my ignorance – I may get into a lot of trouble if I don`t do something about it.

Truthfully speaking I don`t like managing money – I like the spouse to do that – so I guess I cannot be so reliant on the spouse – and get my act together.   I don`t think I`m the only person who possess this kind of traits because I`ve heard many woman say – how lost they are – when the spouse leave them for another woman.  Therefore, if you want to overcome this obstacle – I will post the solution or suggestion in my next post.

October 15

Organizing Your Office The Feng Shui Way

So my dear friend who owns a store wants to organize her office so that it will bring her more business – and asked for some suggestions.  I went to her shop and office to look around today and realised that she needs more than feng shui – because there were so many paper work lying around the office and store.  But it’s the same at our store and it seems like the men doesn’t like organizing the paperwork – so I recommended document imaging to my long time friend to see if it would work better for her shop and spouse.

With document imaging, her spouse don’t have to worry if he can find an invoice or a fax from a customer or supplier because everything will be in the computer.  By doing that, the mess will be eliminated and that itself is already good feng shui – tidying up the mess and giving the office and shop a new life.  But of course, if she decides on another alternative – she can use that too.  But mostly I think it’s the paperwork of all the things that is going on the store that is causing some stagnant air around her business.  So yes!  if you are like my girlfriend – I strongly recommend a way to keep all these paperwork in order first and then the rest will fall into place.

October 14

Relationship Bazi

I asked my dear friend – who has a special talent with relationship Bazi about how come some people can be such good friends with you at one time and then totally turn around and turn into another person.  Why do we think that at times that this relationship is genuine and then turned out to be not.  Did I really make such a bad mistake in judging people?  So this was what he showed me.

Some people come into and out of our lives for a reason. Some relationships are meant to be very short. Sometimes they come and then disappear forever. Other times they are ongoing but intermittent.

In BaZi, this is the concept of affinity. When you have good affinity with someone, they can appear for a reason, for a period or even, for a lifetime. But when the affinity has passed – then cherished the good memories, learn to let go graciously and move on with life.

What a timely message.

October 13

Feng Shui For An Important Event

Now don’t laugh now – it’s true people seek lucky auspicious invitation cards for the success of an important event or function and celebration party.  Why do you think people hire professionals to print out campaign invitation cards or a conference event.  I know my spouse received some Baseball Invitations at the office from an important client’s campaign speech to get him elected for a baseball manager or spokesperson not too long ago.  So yes – when sending out invitation cards for an event – some people also look at the feng shui aspect of it and making sure that the color and graphics are appropriate for a good and successful event.  So if you do get a special invitation the next time – think about how the invitation is designed and the color and then compare it with the usual invitation cards you have and see for yourself how good invitation cards can impact an event even if it was just a birthday party.

October 5

Your Actions Becomes The Result

You get what you tolerate in life.

If you tolerate your own mediocre performance, you get mediocre performance.

I believe, in many ways, this is also true for relationships and in business.

In Relationships:
If you tolerate an abusive relationship. You get what you tolerate.
If you tolerate an unfaithful relationship. You get what you tolerate.
If you tolerate a boring, lackluster, unhappy relationship. You get what you tolerate.

Perhaps it’s time to do something to improve it or simply call it quits and move on. Otherwise, stop complaining, you get what you tolerate.

In Business:
If you tolerate poor staff performance. You get what you tolerate.
If you tolerate poor excuses. You get what you tolerate.
If you tolerate being taken advantaged by uncooperative (and lazy) colleague. You get what you tolerate.

Perhaps it’s time to step up and make a change.

October 1

When At A CrossRoad

Many a times when people seek help with feng shui it is because they are at a crossroad. They  don’t know what to do or what decisions to make. I don’t think anyone can make the decision for them nor tell them what to do exactly.  But a good feng shui master would show them options and some options are pretty obvious while others are not – according to their Bazi charts.

In situations like these – a simple advice would be “When in doubt, do the next right thing. It’s usually something quite small”.

Sometimes when you are in crossroads of your life – it’s like driving your car at night. You never really can see further than your headlights. But hey – you can still make the entire journey that way. All you need is to see enough light to get moving.

Most people would know the next step to take but it’s so small we don’t see it cuz our vision is set so far ahead …that all we see is a really frightening leap instead of a tiny little baby step forward. So what happens? We just wait, and wait and wait …. as if the grand PLAN will be revealed by itself and a red carpet roll out at our feet.

A journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step. – Lao Tzu.