September 28

Taking Charge Of Your Health

Yes!  if you want to be healthy !  take charge of your health – like my outlaw – who was diagnosed with thyroid and is now taking medication and treatment for it.  So when my friend asked me about feng shui for her current health condition because she is suspected to have thyroids too – I told her to check out the hypothyroid treatment austin located in Austin of course – since she is in that area – and then we can talk about feng shui.

Healthy living begins with treatment for your illness and not feng shui.  Feng shui isn’t magic – and moving some things around or sleeping in a different direction will not help treat your thyroid  but a proper treatment center can help you.  So if you have a health issue, please don’t rely on feng shui alone – you really have to see a specialist.

September 27

Feng Shui Salt

Feng shui salt is used mostly for salt water cure – and I’ve always been asked what kind of salt is feng shui salt.  Typically, using feng shui salt for a salt water cure – you have to use sea salt or rock salt – both can be bought at your health food store or any feng shui store.  So what do you do after buying the salt ?  well, the salt water cure is used to dispel any bad energy or when you are experiencing some very bad luck in currently and before you even place the cure – you have to know where the flying star is for the year.  But that is another post for another day.  So yes, there is such a thing as feng shui salt.

September 26

Feng Shui For Money Problems

When we first started the business – the spouse’s, no one wanted to give us a line of credit – not even a small loan.  And if you have a small business and just starting out – you know will know that not many supplier/s would give you a credit line too – but can you blame them – after all, you may be a fly by night company.  So when a friend told me about money problems with his estore – I can fully understand it – because cash flow is slow in the beginning.   But unlike us – we didn’t have the option of a car title loans Oregon like my friend did, lucky for him he got a loan against his car title without a credit check – to help him tide over his situation.

So he wrote and asked me how feng shui can help him with his money flow problems.  In which I told him about the remedies that I’ve found worked for us in the past – but also commended on his right decision to use the car title loans instead of getting a high interest loan.  That is why I told the spouse that we must buy a house and car and assets that we can use as collateral in the future instead of begging for money from the bank.  The bank wasn’t as kind to us then – but now that we owned a house – they called us for a follow up on a building we were looking to buy – now had we not owned a house already – and had no collateral – they wouldn’t have been so earnest to help us out.   So my friend was definitely a lot luckier than us – we had to pay so much interest and we are never going back to that again.

September 23

Energy Flowing Into Your Front Door

I’ve always known that a good feng shui house starts with having a clear path – and a pretty path to the front door and when the door is opened – you must not have clutter but an inviting path that leads to your home.  But the spouse and the kid doesn’t seems to understand it – and even though I don’t mind having the basement with clutter – it’s still not ideal I know  – I would prefer that he helps me concentrate on the front door and the front part of the house.

I cannot emphasize enough to the spouse about having good Chi and positive energy flowing into the front door.  We have a huge garbage been right in front of our garden that I distest but the spouse doesn’t think it is a problem – even though now it doesn’t have a cover to it – and the paint had faded.  He refused to help me  put in any plant because we don’t have a gutter and plants too near the house would only be drown on rainy season.  Some loving care is definitely needed but the spouse is too busy playing games every chance he gets.  He is forgetting that his good fortune does not come from gaming away his time – so time for some whipping on my side.

September 20

Feng Shui & Freshness

The spouse don’t even see the garbage that I sometimes leave just at the front door to take with me to throw it out.  You see – garbage don’t come by everyday where i lived – in fact, garbage is collected only once every 2 weeks.  So I play cheat – I throw them out where they collect them everyday – in our community garbage cans.  And like I tell everyone, Feng Shui is a lot about common sense and if you don’t have that – then don’t expect to be wealthy nor healthy.

Feng Shui is about the good energy and the good flow of things into your life – so if you leave garbage where clean air or good fortune is coming in – do you think you will get any luck?  I doubt so !  Having plants and flowers at home is the way to go – not garbage.  Leaving garbage at your front door can only means a stagnant energy flow and can make one feel lethargic and very sad – so choose your path wisely and clean up your garbage please.

September 16

Feng Shui My Basement

Our basement is almost done – just a bit of touch up and we can finally get our family room down into the basement – of course, we also need walls for the laundry room.  The spouse wants to put in  home theater system speakers for the basement and asked me where he should put it – because he doesn’t wanna disturb my “feng shui” .  You see although he doesn’t believe in it thoroughly – he knows that I do – so he doesn’t want to upset me too much.   Anyhow, so the question asked is will having a home theater system speakers affect one’s feng shui – seriously, I don’t think so – so I told the spouse to go ahead and blast the basement all he wants – after all it is his basement right and he should be able to do what he wants with it.

September 13

Feng Shui For Life

As I watch children going back to school and away for college a few weeks ago – I can understand why some parents have anxiety seeing their kids drive away with most of their things with them in their new found freedom and a car.  My girlfriend from here – bought some new accessories  for her son’s car because she wanted to give him the best and like all parents we want the best for our kids.   Which brings us back to feng shui for life – not only for ourselves but also for our children – especially those going away for work and school.

Feng Shui for Life is about welcoming the positive and dispelling the negative – so if you know that your kid didn’t do so well in his first year of college – it’s time to take a look at the area he studies in and the environment he is in.  Say he was in a room that is dark and has no open windows –  now how can someone do well in such an environment right?  and it’s a pretty easy rectification when it comes to that right?  And as for the car they will be zipping around the city in – well – you know what to do – have the mechanic check it out thoroughly – change oil – undercoat the car if you must – and make sure the tires are good and still has thread on them and if you feel wealthy and oblige – you can get them the lovely Buick lucerne custom floor mats  like the ones my g/f bought for her son.  In fact, after seeing the custom mat – I might get some for myself – I do like the Lloyd custom carpet floor and cargo mats.