August 31

Feng Shui Excursion

So a friend who had been following Joey Yap asked me – why a Feng Shui Excursion ? and who are they for?  for his students only or is it for anyone who practices Feng Shui?  Well, truth be told I don’t know who they are actually for – but I doubt he would refused to take anyone who is interested after all – he would definitely welcome another person and another insight.  So I took a look at the itineary and was quite interesting but one thing I know for sure is they did a lot of coverage and walking around – and if I were to take the excursion – i told my friend I would be wearing my enzo angiolini shoes because it is not only pretty and fashionable but definitely a walking shoe as well.

Lots of feng shui sites were covered during the excursion therefore, I’m sure the sights is not only breath-taking but also gave whoever who had taken part in the excursion a glimpse of the amazing landforms in Taiwan.    Lots of good energy – and it would be awesome to be able to go – so I told my girlfriend that the next time Joey Yap has another one of this trip – we should try to go.

August 18

Electronics @ Home

The spouse saw some very good deals for some samsung lcd televisions at our local electronic store – and like all men – they loved their electronics and how can they give up a good deal when they see one.  So he wants to buy one – and change the projection tv – at the basement to a LCD tv – because he said it would save a lot of space and also – the picture is so much better than our 56″  projection tv.   I totally agree with him – but when we got our projection tv – it wasn’t cheap either – so what are we going to do with the old tv – if we get the new one – for he knows  – I don’t like a lot of electronics at home – neither is he going to move it to another part of the house – because he wasn’t going to disturb my feng shui.  So what to do?  and why don’t I want so much electronics in the house?   because the energy is too much to disperse at one time.  So my solution was – to first sell off the projection tv  and then he can go ahead and buy the samsung tv.  So that was what we did – so if your spouse wants to change to another lcd tv – this is what I suggest that you do – get rid of the old one first and then let him buy a new one – no fighting about it – and it’s fair.

August 15

Faces Of Fortune

Faces of Fortune is launched by Joey Yap’s student – Tee Lin Say – so the student is going to be more popular than the master eh.  But in this book – Tee described how a person’s look can tell a lot of the person.  The art of face reading – is well known with fortune tellers – but i didn’t know that it goes for feng shui too.

Tee is said to have written the book – so that the laymen like you and I – can understand it better with the lingo of the experts.   Also this book can help one – with making sure that a business partner or an investment is well invested because you can tell if the person is honest – can bring you luck etc.    You can find some very prominent personality in her book too.   I don’t know how much the book is going for – but I’ll let you know soon.

August 10

Protecting Your Business

So we got broken into a few weeks ago – first time in 6 yrs especially since we are on Main Street – you really wouldn’t think that we would be broken into – but we did.  Lucky for us – we had our basement door double barred and the security alarm and alert was working.   But if the burglars did get in – and damaged or stolen stuff – we do have  insurance for the store too.   So someone asked me – but I thought you had feng shui your store – *rolled eyes”  in which I told that person that even if I did feng shui the store – it doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t be broken into.  We had taken all precautions and that’s the best one can do – in a situation like that.  And like I said  – insurance would  be used – if necessary – but feng shui doesn’t mean that you don’t have to put in security alarm or lock your doors – common sense need to prevail here.

August 6

Family Pictures For Feng Shui

Family pictures are so important to me – especially when I learned that having family pictures at home – will bring the family together – and stronger.  So when I saw these photo frames online I just had to get them – because this will go so well – in the living room of our home.  So beautiful and so many family photos that I can hang up without putting so many holes into the wall.  Love it !  so if you are looking to put family photos for feng shui reasons – check this photo frame out.

August 3

More Money With Feng Shui

Who doesn’t want more money right?  so like any business – we have a 3-legged frog near to our cash register – but some customers are so curious – and we have employees who are not careful and finally the coin in its mouth is finally broken and can’t be fixed.  So I’ve decided to search for a new one – to replace the old one – after all I don’t want to go broke and get a payday advance loan to pay my bills right.  Some people might think it is just superstition – but for me – the Money Frog (also called Three Legged Toad or Frog)  is considered as the most significant emblem of prosperity, wealth and money blessings in Feng Shui. And not only those in business can make use of the Money frog – you can also placed the money frog at home – but I was told not to place them too high up – else they might get scared to jump down – and collect all the money for you at night and bring it back to your home.

August 1

Tao Hua Luck

Those that need “Tao Hua” luck should not be shy about it – it’s part of life – that we all want a partner and some to love and share our life with.  By activating the “Tao Hua” luck – you can increase your chances of finding your prince charming or life partner.  It is said that Tao Hua luck makes one more attractive to the opposite sex.  One can also use Tao Hua luck to rekindle an old friendship or dating opportunity.

The Peach Blossom Love Luck formula is very easy to apply. First, identify your Zodiac animal sign. Then refer to the table below to identify your Peach Blossom Animal. Display your Peach Blossom Animal in a prominent place in the sector corresponding to it in your house or bedroom and you’re done! This will energize your love life with new possibilities! Make sure your peach blossom animal is in good condition without any chip or cracks.